NewsNexperia Launches Innovative Analog Switches NMUX1308 and NMUX1309

Nexperia Launches Innovative Analog Switches NMUX1308 and NMUX1309

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In an exciting development for the electronics industry, Nexperia, a leading manufacturer in the semiconductor sector, unveiled its latest range of analog switches, the NMUX1308 and NMUX1309. These devices are engineered to advance the monitoring and safeguarding of 1.8 V electronic systems. The new lineup, consisting of 4- and 8-channel analog switches, is designed to cater to a wide array of applications, ranging from automotive to various consumer and industrial uses.

The newly introduced series not only encompasses AEC-Q100 certified options for automotive implementations but also offers variants tailored for general applications including sensor monitoring, diagnostics, enterprise computing, and home appliances. This versatility ensures that the NMUX1308 and NMUX1309 switches meet the diverse needs of the modern electronics landscape.

Revolutionizing Design with Integrated Voltage Translation

One of the standout features of these analog switches is their ability to operate without the need for external voltage translators. Traditionally, the addition of such components was necessary to match the control circuitry’s voltage with that of the power supply. Nexperia’s innovative design allows the control pins of the NMUX1308 and NMUX1309 switches to function independently from their power supply voltage, streamlining the design process by eliminating the need for additional level-shifting components. This simplification leads to significant savings in both board space and costs.

Enhancing System Safety

Nexperia has meticulously designed these switches with added functionalities to bolster system safety. Among these, the fail-safe logic feature stands out, enabling the control pins to be biased even before the system is powered on, and to maintain this state post power-down. This capability eradicates the need for intricate power sequencing between the analog switch and the system’s microcontroller unit (MCU), fostering a more robust design. Furthermore, the inclusion of power-off protection for analog pins streamlines the power sequencing process across various power rails, enhancing the reliability of ADC circuitry and analog signal handling.

Advancements in Overvoltage Protection

The NMUX1308 and NMUX1309 models are equipped with injection current control circuitry to mitigate output voltage fluctuations. In the event of an overvoltage occurrence on inactive channels, this technology limits the voltage shift on the active channel to less than 5 mV, thus obviating the need for external diode and resistor networks. This innovation not only saves valuable board space but also reduces manufacturing costs, making these switches an ideal choice for a wide range of electronic applications.

Product Availability

The NMUX1308 and NMUX1309 switches are offered in both 8-channel and dual 4-channel configurations, available in standard (-40 °C to +85 °C) and automotive-qualified (-40 °C to +125 °C) temperature ranges. To accommodate various manufacturing requirements, these switches come in both leaded and leadless package options, with the latter supporting Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) for automotive applications, ensuring high-quality production standards.

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