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Murata ID Solutions helps fashion retailer Liu Jo optimise logistics and fight the grey market with RFID technology

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Murata ID Solutions Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology has aid in helping Italian fashion label Liu Jo strengthen protection against gray market, while also generating efficiency improvements throughout their supply chain. Its RFID technology is used in Liu Jo’s distribution centers to improve the traceability of its products, decrease the complexity of logistics operations and reduce the time it takes for product delivery.

Antonio Rizzi, Vice President, Murata ID Solutions, stated: “RFID in retail is popular for its benefits at the store level. However, it also provides significant benefits for manufacturing and distribution. In addition the benefits that can be derived by using it to combat the black market is enormous. If leveraged to its maximum potential throughout all of the chain of supply, it could be a major game-changer with the potential for a return of months or even weeks. We are extremely excited to work together with Liu Jo on this project.”

The solution that is being used in Liu Jo’s warehouses consists of Murata ID Solutions’ RFID Tunnel gates as well as RFID software suite idBridge 4.0 is a cutting-edge web-based system that allows for end-to-end control of RFID systems at any size. The tunnels that are installed on conveyor belts that are used in distribution centers allow for automatic and rapid detection and validation of every product for both outbound and inbound processes. The integration of the id-Bridge software makes sure that the tagged items are automatically compared with an expected list of tags while they are moving across the conveyor systems. Only those products that are in to the list receive the green light to continue. With the speedy and precise automatic reading the system allows Liu Jo to significantly speed the process of logistics and improve the accuracy of inventory.

Murata ID Solutions as well as Liu Jo worked together to pick the most appropriate RFID tags for the project. Each tag is equipped with the unique serial number and is distinguished by high-end security features. This means that RFID an important instrument in fighting fraud. Tagging every item with RFID will allow Liu Jo to track each item with the greatest accuracy , ensuring authenticity. Carlo Del Stabile, Chief Operating Officer at Liujo S.p.A said:

“We are implementing RFID for smarter and more streamlined operations in the distribution centre. Today’s global and omnichannel market demands continuous improvements of our supply chain. RFID will help us boost the efficiency of the logistics processes while also enabling us to better combat grey market and product counterfeiting, which both represent an increasing threat to our brand value and trust”.

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