NewsSTMicroelectronics’ Port-Protection IC for STM32 MCUs Tailored to USB-C Dual-Role Power

STMicroelectronics’ Port-Protection IC for STM32 MCUs Tailored to USB-C Dual-Role Power

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This STMicroelectronics TCP03-M20 USB Type C port protection IC is designed for Dual Role Power (DRP) applications, which simplifies the creation of products which can serve as a source of power for connected devices, as well as accepting the power of other USB-C-powered sources.

If used as a companion chip for STM32G0* the STM32G4, STM32L5, or STM32U5 microcontrollers which include the ST’s UCPD (USB Type-C, Power Delivery) interface IP, the TCPP03-M20 can provide the cost-effective partitioning of USB Type-C application. Designers can create two-chip solutions using the STM32 as host microcontroller. This will save expenses for bill of materials PCB space, as well as the complexity of circuits.

According to the USB Type-C specifications, dual-role USB-C device, like a smart speaker or smartphone, tablet and laptops can switch their power roles from source to sink and also their USB data role from host to device (and reverse). This allows new applications to conserve and share power between battery-powered devices, aswell being able to improve interoperability among devices. This USB DRP capability defined in the Type-C specification permits any USB devices that include the ST chip to charge the battery of an connected device.

The TCPP03M20 is designed using the ST BCD process, recently recognized to be an IEEE Milestone, to combine logic and high-voltage circuitry in this chip. This is improving connectivity and reliability. This technology allows +8kV ESD security (IEC61000-4-2 level 4) as well as over-voltage and over-current protection that can be integrated in the same device. These protections are necessary to protect against accidental short-circuits and connections to defective equipment. They also comply with the USB-C power Delivery specification. The chip incorporates devices for both the USB-C port VCONN as well as the CC lines, as well as charging pumps with two MOSFET gate drivers to control the Source and Sink power paths, VBUS and VCONN power-path discharge circuitry and dead-battery management.

Optimized for extremely low energy consumption. The TCPP03M20 is specifically designed for the USB DRP case in order to ensure maximum effectiveness. It is a stand-alone Power Sink and Power Source applications are handled by ST’s TCPP01 and TCPP02 BCD ICs , respectively. As with the rest of ST’s TCPP items, TCPP03M20 is compatible with the most recent features of the USB-CPD standard 3.1 Standard Power Range (SPR) which includes the PPS (Programmable Power Supply).

The STM32 Nucleo expansion board, X NUCLEO-DRP1M1 and X-CUBETCPP, STM32Cube’s expansion software, along with examples of application code, can be used to start projects that use the TCPP03M20 for DRP applications that can reach 100W. Developers can also take advantage of support for UCPD configuration in STM32CubeMX, the STM32G071B-DISCO USB-C sniffer, and the STM32CubeMonitor-UCPD debug tool. The X-NUCLEO SNK1M1 board is now suitable for sink applications and the X-NUCLEO SRC1M1 board for Power delivery source development has been scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2021.

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