NewsMORNSUN Power Supply Solutions for IoT and New Energy Applications

MORNSUN Power Supply Solutions for IoT and New Energy Applications

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The MORNSUN Power Supply LD-R2 and LS-R3 Series

LD-R2 Series

Due to the development of IoT and the smart home trend, the requirement of household appliances for safety and dimensions is important. Smart home appliances include various power supplies and electronic components that enable graphics, wireless communications, software interfaces, and other functions. All the power supplies and electronic components have an impact on the overall safety of the product.

The MORNSUN LD-R2 series is ultra-compact and economical AC/DC converters designed to meet the needs of those with limited space. The 5W and 3W models come with dimensions that are as small as 1×1 inches. Additionally the design of the capacitors, EMI class B, which does not have the requirement for external components and the low power consumption make this device ideal for use in home appliances.

Additionally it is the LD-R2 is also in compliance with OVC III requirement and downward compatible with OVC II, I application and the environment. The 2-Y-capacitor design along with EMI class B with no the requirement for external components make them ideal as audio- and video communications devices and appliances for the home.

Principal Features

  • Operating temperature range between -40 and +85
  • High efficiency, up to 87 percent
  • Consumption of no-load at as little as 0.1 W
  • Wide input voltage range: 85-305VAC/100-430VDC
  • Applications for 5000m altitude
  • EMI is in compliance with CISPR32/EN55032 class B.
  • Meet IEC/EN/UL62368/EN60335/EN61558 standards

L-R3 Series

Miniaturization is the new trend for consumer electronics as they grow thinner and smaller, which requires an increased level of integration technology to improve their user-friendliness. Engineers have been debating for a long time on how to strike an equilibrium between cost, size performance and design cycles, as well as security, user-friendliness and personalization when making and designing electrical devices.

This MORNSUN AC/DC converter LS R3 series is a small and highly efficient circuit that can handle all the demands all at once. The technology is based on an adaptable peripheral circuit, the LS-R3 series. It is a cost-effective, innovative solution that is used across a range of industries and in various applications.

Through the integration of circuits within the MORNSUN IC, the LS-3 modules make complicated power design using peripheral circuits easy. This leads to increased performance and cutting costs associated with designing and maintenance.

The Key Features

  • Ultra-compact size: 26.4 x 14.73 x 11mm (5W)
  • Ultra-wide input: 85-305VAC
  • Operating temperature range between -40 and +85
  • Low power consumption at no load up to 0.1W
  • High power density and high reliability
  • IEC/EN/UL62368’s approval

Competitive Advantages in Comparison to Other Distinctional Designs(3W)

  • The smaller dimensions are 52 26 x 15mm, compared to the larger size of the discrete designs that measure 51.5 31.5 x 31.5 15mm.
  • A simple and easy-to-use style The more discrete designs are characterized by inadequate control of material or over-design.
  • The design process is less expensive from conception to maintenance , compared to complicated design that often can result in higher cost.
  • Flexible peripheral design that can be used for various applications, versus the limitations of discrete designs that fulfill basic requirements only.
  • 85-305VAC. 80%. 0.1W 80mV vs. 85-265VAC 71 percent, 0.25W, 100mV.


The compact size, high efficiency , and low power consumption for inputs with no load from MORNSUN’s MORNSUN LS-R3 Series makes these converters perfect to use in IoT applications. In particular, by keeping control circuits that are powered by standby, they can help minimize the standby and no-load losses that are typical in IoT devices and systems.

It’s the same for renewable energy-related applications where environmental variables are a major factor in the process of energy production. Particularly, engineers are responsible for designing power system circuits that can meet the latest energy efficiency standards and reduce the power consumed by standby devices. electronic devices.

Since they are power supplies are the “heart” of electronic systems power supplies must improve their efficiency. This is exactly what are the MORNSUN power supplies LS-R3 along with the MORNSUN LD-R2 are designed for.

Michal Pukala
Electronics and Telecommunications engineer with Electro-energetics Master degree graduation. Lightning designer experienced engineer. Currently working in IT industry.