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Microchip Technology Introduces Its First Trust&GO Wi-Fi 32-bit MCU Module with Advanced Peripheral Options

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As the Net of Points (IoT) increases beyond residence automation and also drives deeper right into residence control– including Ventilation, heating and also air Conditioning (COOLING AND HEATING), garage doors as well as fans– and also expands in building as well as commercial automation, the demand for extremely integrated, secured and dependable Industrial IoT (IIoT) connection is greater than ever before. Integrated Circuit Innovation (Nasdaq: MCHP) today announced the first-ever Wi-Fi ® microcontroller (MCU) module with Integrated circuit’s Trust fund & GO-enabled distinct, proven identity.

For programmers designing protected IIoT systems, Microchip’s highly integrated WFI32E01PC is a Trust & GO safeguarded platform-enabled Wi-Fi MCU module that is pre-provisioned for cloud platforms. The WFI32E01PC is compliant to Wi-Fi Alliance (WFA) spec and completely certified with the following globe regulatory agencies: Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Industry Canada (IC) and European Radio Equipment Directive (RED). Microchip’s Trust & GO platform inside the WFI32E01PC enhances the procedure of network authentication utilizing safe element technology, which is pre-provisioned and preconfigured for cloud verification.

Unlike existing gadgets, Microchip’s brand-new technology consists of a premium PIC32 MCU core, rich peripherals and also a tested hardware safety and security platform– enabling it not only to supply Wi-Fi but also to work as an effective MCU core for the whole IIoT system.

” With boosting attacks, typical software data encryption is no more adequate to secure transmitted data. Instruments need a hardcoded, proven, trustable identity to firmly link to the cloud,” said Steve Caldwell, vice president of Microchip’s Wireless Service Group service system. “This is the very first safe, pre-provisioned MCU with Wi-Fi that is shipped manufacturing facility direct or via distribution.”

Installed designers require a very integrated component solution offering industrial-grade MCU performance, durable Wi-Fi link as well as hardware safety and verification. The WFI32E01PC offers these capacities and more in an all-in-one component, enhancing Radio Regularity (RF) power as well as providing a higher level of safety and security.

Along with commercial applications, the WFI32E01PC is designed for home automation tools, computer and consumer tools.

As an overall system option company, Integrated circuit supplies a wide profile that streamlines IoT and IIoT systems when pairing the WFI32E01 component with various other Integrated circuit market-leading elements, such as the KSZ8081 household of Ethernet PHYs, MCP2542WFD household of CONTAINER transceivers, sensors and radio technologies consisting of Bluetooth ® Low Power (BLE), Long Range (LoRa ® )and IEEE ® 802.15.4. Microchip’s system service approach gives ready-to-use software program vehicle drivers and also hardware reference designs, substantially reducing project risk and also time-to-market.

Development Tools

Integrated circuit’s WFI32E01PC includes the PIC32MZW1 Curiosity Board. Integrated circuit provides several options for software and also hardware support.

The curiosity board is certified with AWS IoT Core and listed in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Device Catalog. It consists of an out-of-box trial including registration as well as interaction with AWS IoT Core and interaction with the onboard sensors making use of Alexa Voice Service (AVS). Included with the AWS IoT Core credentials are code samples, WLAN software and network pile, which can be located in MPLAB Harmony v3.

Pricing and also Availability

The WFI32E01PC-I (54-pin SMD 24.5 x 20.5 x 2.5 mm) tool is available in volume manufacturing in 10,000-unit amounts beginning at $8.14. Readily available are component alternatives with external antenna, and without the Trust & GO protection attribute. For added information, get in touch with a Microchip sales representative, licensed around the world distributor or visit Microchip’s site. To purchase products mentioned below see our purchasing portal or call a Microchip licensed supplier.


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