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Microchip Introduces High-Reliability, Extended-Temperature Ethernet PHY Transceiver for Aerospace and Military Ground-Based Applications

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Airplane, armed forces car as well as ground-based systems that rely on intelligence, information and safe connection to support goal success are enabled by boosted modern technology created to operate in environmental events as well as severe temperature levels. Microchip Inc. (Nasdaq: MCHP) today revealed its new VSC8540/41ET Gigabit Ethernet PHY RMII/ RGMII Transceiver– a Commercial Off-The-Shelf (COTS)- based device upgraded for avionics and military applications.

Based on its COTS innovation deployed in other sectors, Microchip’s Gigabit Ethernet Physical Layer (PHY) transceiver features a military-grade, high-reliability (HiRel) plastic bundle that meets requirements for applications varying from fighting cars to cockpit avionics and in-flight interaction systems. The VSC8541ET Ethernet transceiver is a remedy with Reduced Gigabit Media Independent Interface (RGMII) and also GMII, as well as also supports RMII as well as MII Megabit user interface. The transceiver is latch-up unsusceptible to climatic radiation impacts while carrying out at a temperature range of– 55 to 125 degrees Celsius. Product specifications consist of wafer and assembly whole lot complete traceability; summary of testing, electrical criteria and fault coverage; qualification record; and certification of compliance.

As COTS-based innovation, Microchip’s Ethernet PHY RMII/ RGMII transceiver allows system designers to begin implementation with COTS devices before transferring to military-grade elements, decreasing considerable development time and also price.

Integrated circuit’s RMII/ RGMII transceiver is the most recent high-reliability remedy made for extreme settings, building on the business’s aerospace as well as protection product portfolio. The device matches the company’s extended-temperature item offering that consists of adhering to qualified gadgets:

8-bit AVR ® microcontrollers with embedded ADC/DAC, Controller Area Network (CAN) and motor control user interfaces
16-bit dsPIC ® electronic signal controller for electronic power administration
32-bit ARM microcontroller with memory security systems and 100 Mbit Ethernet connectivity
200 Megasamples Per Second (Msps) standalone 16-bit ADC

While remaining to present technologies including those based upon COTS technology, Microchip groups with system manufacturers as well as integrators on obsolescence administration, sustaining customers’ initiatives to minimize redesign job and lengthen life cycles, thus decreasing general system expenses.

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