NewsMediaTek Advances 5G Connectivity with RedCap Solutions and New T300 Series Chipsets

MediaTek Advances 5G Connectivity with RedCap Solutions and New T300 Series Chipsets

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Introduction to MediaTek’s 5G Expansion

MediaTek, a global leader in developing advanced chipsets, has announced an expansion of its modem and chipset offerings to support 5G RedCap technology. The introduction of the M60 modem IP and the MediaTek T300 chipset series signifies a significant shift towards enhancing 5G-NR capabilities in various applications.

Understanding 5G RedCap

5G RedCap, short for “reduced capability”, is designed to harness the advantages of 5G for NR (New Radio) consumer, enterprise, and industrial devices. It aims to integrate the benefits of 5G technology into devices with lower bandwidth requirements, offering an efficient and reliable experience without the complexity and cost associated with typical 5G solutions.

The Role of MediaTek’s RedCap Solutions

MediaTek’s RedCap solutions are part of the company’s vision to democratize 5G technology. These solutions enable customers to optimize components for a diverse range of applications, spanning from wearables to edge AI devices, at various price points.

Introducing the MediaTek T300 Series

The MediaTek T300 series represents a breakthrough in the RedCap market. As the world’s first 6nm Radio Frequency System-On-Chip (RFSOC) single die solution, the T300 series paves the way for innovative device designs in enterprise, industrial, consumer, and AR applications. The series, built on the efficient TSMC 6nm process, features a compact design with integrated single-core Arm Cortex-A35 and supports enhanced data rates.

The M60 5G Modem IP

Alongside the T300 series, MediaTek’s M60 5G modem IP stands out for its adherence to the 3GPP R17 standard, combining leading-edge power efficiency with improved coverage and ultra-low latency. The M60 modem leverages MediaTek’s UltraSave 4.0 technology, offering substantial power savings compared to existing 5G and 4G LTE solutions.

Impact on Consumer, Enterprise, and Industrial Sectors

MediaTek’s RedCap solutions are set to revolutionize the efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of 5G-enabled devices across various sectors. These advancements meet the evolving connectivity demands and expectations in the modern technological landscape.

Future Prospects and Availability

The MediaTek T300 series chipsets are expected to be available for sampling in the first half of 2024, marking a new era in the evolution of 5G technology and its applications.

MediaTek’s expansion into 5G RedCap technology with the M60 modem IP and T300 series chipsets represents a significant advancement in 5G connectivity. These innovations are poised to transform a wide array of devices and sectors, paving the way for more accessible and efficient 5G solutions.

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