NewsMaxon Launches Advanced ESCON2 Module Controller for High-Power Motor Integration

Maxon Launches Advanced ESCON2 Module Controller for High-Power Motor Integration

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Maxon has unveiled the ESCON2 Module (part 783722), a state-of-the-art controller board engineered for brushed DC and brushless DC motors, supporting up to 1,800W (30A) in continuous duty and 3,600W (60A) in peak performance. Designed for seamless integration within products, this controller board operates across a voltage range of 10 to 60V and a temperature range of -30 to +25 °C, extendable to +75°C with appropriate derating.

Key Features of the ESCON2 Module

The ESCON2 Module is a versatile four-quadrant device capable of driving and braking in both directions, thereby controlling speed and torque with precision. It employs field-oriented control (FOC) technology to ensure smoother and more accurate operation, significantly enhancing overall performance. Furthermore, acceleration and velocity feed-forward functionalities are integrated to improve response times and control accuracy, making the ESCON2 an ideal solution for demanding applications requiring rapid adjustments to speed and torque under varying conditions.

Sensor Compatibility and Connectivity

The controller is compatible with various shaft sensors, including absolute encoders, incremental encoders, and Hall sensors, offering flexibility in feedback mechanisms for precise motion control. It can function as a standalone controller using analogue or digital command signals or within a CANopen network for broader system integration. With support for USB and RS232 interfaces, the ESCON2 facilitates operation from both Windows and Linux platforms. Additional connectivity options are provided through eight digital and two analogue inputs, along with three digital and two analogue outputs, catering to a wide array of interfacing requirements.

Compact Design and User Interface

The ESCON2 Module’s compact dimensions (67 x 43 x 7.8mm) allow for integration into a variety of product form factors. A larger ‘Compact’ version (part 783734) is also available, featuring integrated connectors and reservoir capacitors, measuring 93.5 x 46 x 41mm. Accompanying the hardware is the ‘Motion Studio’ graphical user interface, which includes an auto-tune feature for simplified configuration and optimization of motor control parameters.

With the introduction of the ESCON2 Module, Maxon continues to lead in the development of innovative motor control solutions, offering advanced features that cater to the evolving needs of high-performance motor applications. The ESCON2 Module exemplifies Maxon’s commitment to delivering precision control, flexibility, and efficiency in motor operation, reinforcing its position as a key player in the motor and motion control industry.

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