NewsMAXM86146 optical data acquisition system for heart rate measurement

MAXM86146 optical data acquisition system for heart rate measurement

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The MAXM86146 chip is the lowest optical data acquisition system available on the marketplace with a large scale of integration, including an AFE analog mind, an ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller and also two exceptionally sensitive photodiodes. It can be used in the implementation of all types of sports circles and other mobile gadgets to measure the pulse and blood pressure, and to classify the user’s action, allowing to reduce the amount of components, decrease the outside of the hard plate and then shorten the design period of apparatus. MAXM86146 is manufactured in the OLGA 38 home, which permits the thickness of the components to be nearly doubled in relation to the corresponding system according to discrete components. It contains a pair of built-in dimension algorithms that meet the needs of medical criteria. Updating the calculations and firmware is done with the I2C protocol.

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