NewsLT8304 - flyback converter controller from Linear technology

LT8304 – flyback converter controller from Linear technology

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Component LT8304H/-1 was presented by Linear Technology. The H grade controller is characterized by a high operating temperature of 150 degrees Celsius for use in difficult environments.


The new LT8304H acts as a flyback drive controller. Voltage sampling does not require additional optocouplers or separate windings. Its parameters include input voltage range from 3 to 100 V DC, load capacity up to 24W and resistance to breakdown voltage of about 1kV. It is built on the basis of the DMOS transistor. Improved output voltage stabilization in the input voltage and current and temperature range.

It has low input noise mode. LT8304H/-1 component have short circuit protection, voltage drop protection, temperature compensation diode compensation, feedback loop compensation and soft start. The system was matched to the SO-8 housing.

LT8304H/-1 Datasheet:

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