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KEMET Releases New Tantalum Polymer Capacitors for Applications Requiring High Capacitance and High Voltage

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KEMET (“KEMET” or the “Firm”), a subsidiary of Yageo Corporation (“Yageo”) (TAIEX: 2327), a leading worldwide distributor of digital components, remains to develop as well as create options suited for alternative power, industrial/lighting, medical, protection as well as aerospace, and also telecommunications applications with the new Tantalum Stack Polymer (TSP) O 7360-43 and the 82uF/75V rated voltage extension in Polymer Hermetically Sealed. The TSP series is developed to give the highest possible capacitance/voltage (CV) scores in surface install tool (SMD) capacitors with its ingenious piling building. These brand-new capacitors are well matched as well as sized for usage in high voltage power administration applications such as buck boost converters, filtering, hold-up capacitors, as well as various other high surge present applications that call for a tiny type factor, secure efficiency, as well as long functional life-span.

KEMET’s KO-CAP ® High Integrity Series T540, T541 and T543 are all offered for stack arrangement in the TSP collection. When piled, these capacitors allow style engineers to tailor for capacitance, voltage, and low ESR (comparable series resistance). This attribute makes the TSP collection perfect for tools using Gallium Nitride (GaN) semiconductor modern technology, including radar applications based on the Active Digitally Scanned Range (AESA) systems. The TSP collection also supplies improved derating problems as well as larger capacitance to make sure a reduced failure price for common voltage levels, along with multiple failure rate alternatives when making use of Collection T540 and T541 in a pile arrangement.

The TSP series is certified for many applications, including air-borne, grounded, and marine equipment where GaN radio frequency (RF) semiconductors are part of the design. The TSP collection can totally support various other high power, high frequency, as well as long-life demand designs in telecoms and commercial applications.

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