Inline ILC 2050 BI controller for energy infrastructure automation

The Inline ILC 2050 BI controller placed in the modular casing integrates seamlessly with the Niagara software, which, in conjunction with the Phoenix Contact controller, provides a wide range of applications in a variety of industries such as building sector, industrial automation, quality control, data center and enterprise network self-monitoring. Inline ILC 2050 BI supports all the most popular communication protocols for industrial automation systems.

Inline ILC 2050 BI

The main advantage of the controller is its scalability and adaptability to applications, depending on the quality of the equipment used in the system and its software. The controller can manage virtually any type of automation that is in the objects. The ILC 2050 BI is capable of controlling all real estate, data center systems and is able to manage all infrastructure in large office buildings.

Inline ILC 2050 BI

Inline ILC 2050 BI Power Supply

The Niagara software, which works with the controller, offers great opportunities for optimizing work time. The program is written in Java, so it is flexible and it is possible to create plugins directly under the given application in the building.

Inline ILC 2050 BI

Inline ILC 2050 BI Components

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