NewsInfineon launches new OptiMOS™ packages in TOLx family

Infineon launches new OptiMOS™ packages in TOLx family

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Applications like e-scooters, e-forklifts along with other light electric vehicles (LEVs), in addition to power applications and battery control systems, require high current evaluation, ruggedness and prolonged lifetime. Infineon Technologies AG (FSE: IFX / / OTCQX: IFNNY) handles those demands by providing more choices to electricity system developers to satisfy varied design requirements and attain maximum functionality in the smallest area. Together with the advanced TO-Leadless (TOLL) bundle, Infineon offers two fresh OptiMOS electricity MOSFET bundles from the TOLx household: TOLG (TO-Leaded together with Gullwing prospects ) and also TOLT (TO-Leaded Top-side cooling). Collectively, the TOLx family provides very low R DS(on) plus a high-current rating over 300 A to boost system performance in high density layouts.

The TOLG package combines the best characteristics of both TOLL and D 2PAK 7-pin packs, combining exactly the exact same 10 x 11 mm 2 footprint and electric performances as TOLL together with additional flexibility akin to D 2PAK 7-pin. The key benefits of TOLG are especially evident in layouts with aluminum-insulated metallic strand (Al-IMS) boards) In such patterns, the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), that explains the propensity of a substance to change its shape in reaction to changes in temperatures, is greater than copper-IMS along with FR4 boards.

With time, temperature cycling on board (TCoB) induces a fracture at the solder joint between the package and the PCB. Together with the versatility of this gullwing leads, TOLG shows excellent solder joint robustness, substantially raising product visibility in applications where persistent temperature cycling occurs. The new bundle accomplishes two times greater TCoB functionality in contrast to IPC-9701 normal requirement.

The TOLT bundle is optimized for exceptional thermal performance. Constructed using its lead-frame switched to place exposed metal to the other hand, the bundle comprises multiple gullwing leads to every side to get large current carrying drain and source links. Having a reversed lead-frame, heat moves in the exposed metal high side, throughout the insulation substance, right into the heatsink. When compared with this TOLL bottom-side cooling program, the TOLT enhances R thJA, by 20 per cent and R thJC by 50 percent. These specifications allow a lower bill of material cost, especially for its heatsink. Moreover, OptiMOS at TOLT reduces PCB distance, as elements can now be mounted onto the base of this MOSFET.


The OptiMOS TOLx household will soon probably be accessible across a broad assortment of voltage courses in OptiMOS 5 and 3 technologies. TOLG will soon be available from the fourth quarter 2021 out of 60 V to 250 V in a wide product portfolio, such as best-in-class and price/performance-optimized goods. TOLT is now accessible 80 V and 100 V compression courses. An evaluation electricity board is also available, including a 100 V OptiMOS 5 power MOSFET at a TOLG bundle (IPTG014N10M5). Additional information can be found in

The item will be showcased in Infineon’s exhibitor stage in the 2021 Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC), that is held practically from 14-17 June. More info about Infineon’s involvement at APEC 2021 can be obtained at

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