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Industrial Motor Control System Solution at Your Fingertips

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Motors are ubiquitous in modern-day life, from environment control, devices, as well as commercial refrigeration, to vehicles, manufacturing facilities and basic facilities. Electric motors represent 45% of total worldwide electric power usage according to the International Energy Agency, as well as therefore the dependability as well as efficiency of the motor drive electronics have an impact on comfort, comfort and also the setting in every area of the world and also a variety of applications.

One method to boost the effectiveness of motor driven systems is to change a single-speed motor repelled the 50/60Hz A/C line voltage with a variable speed drive, which permits digital rate control of the motor and higher drive efficiency. Variable speed control additionally can offer performance at the application level, on the other hand with an on/off method of guideline.

The heart of an advanced electric motor drive system is the inverter phase, which takes input DC electrical power and converts it to an Air Conditioner voltage at a regularity that drives the motor at the preferred speed. The inverter is included three half-bridges, as displayed in Figure 2. Each half-bridge stage of the inverter has a high-side and also low-side switch, which can be silicon power MOSFETs, IGBTs, silicon carbide (SiC) FETs or GaN HEMTs relying on the application requirements.

Figure 2– 3 phase inverter

The needs to transform a pump or a follower, a conveyor motor or a robot arm, for example, are various, and industrial applications will utilize different motor innovations to adapt to each instance: Air Conditioner electric motors, combed or brushless DC, PMSM or switched reluctance as examples.

Regardless of the wide spectrum of applications and modern technologies, if we check out a factory atmosphere, there are always essential usual needs that the drive systems require to satisfy:

High performance and dependability
Effectiveness and also combination
Ruggedness and also outstanding thermal performance

Effective as well as reliable electric motor drives that satisfy all these demands are complex and also taxing to establish, but with our new Electric motor Development Package (MDK), ON Semiconductor makes it easy. This thorough prototyping platform consists of the Universal Controller Board (UCB) which links to a broadening choice of power boards to produce a quick-start system to run your motor, enabling fast test, analysis and optimization of your system before creating any hardware.

Figure 4 GUI

Sporting the effective Xilinx Zynq ® -7000 FPGA/ARM SoC, the UCB is suited for premium control as well as AI-based applications. The UCB is totally suitable with Xilinx advancement devices and also collections and has been developed in partnership with Trenz Electronic.

The power boards include ON Semiconductor’s leading power tools and modules along with all the various other essential elements and also devices from our wide profile to develop a total electric motor driver solution.

The very first 2 power boards feature our Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) for commercial as well as appliance motor drive applications. The IPM includes the six power switches for the inverter plus gateway drivers as well as a thermocouple, with protection functions consisting of over/under voltage lockout, shoot through avoidance and also overcurrent journey.

The Compact IPM Power Board (SECO-1KW-MCTRL-GEVK) gives a complete solution from A/C input from the keys to AC result to the motor. Ranked for 230 Vac input, it consists of an EMC filter as well as bridge rectifier, interleaved two-channel PFC and the NFAQ1060L36T IPM as the inverter phase, along with auxiliary power materials, dimension and protection.

Figure 5 1kW board

For higher power levels the SECO-4KW-65SPM31-GEVB Power Board featuring the NFAM5065L4B 650 V Intelligent Power Module. It is rated for 400 VDC input as well as can deliver up to 1 kW continuous power, with the capability of delivering up to 4 kW power for a brief amount of time or by including a heatsink. This offering is excellent for commercial drive as well as business HVACR applications.

Figure 6 4kW board

Coming soon is a collection of power boards including our best-in-class MOSFET profile. These electric motor drive boards will certainly support an input voltage from 10V as much as 100V, with power capacity up to 1.2 kW to deal with battery operated and low-to-mid voltage applications such as power tools, robots as well as self-governing robots and also drones.

Figure 7 Render of MOSFET board

We additionally are creating even more power boards highlighting more of our large IPM profile as well as brand-new modules targeting also higher power motor drive applications. The modular layout will certainly enable us to feature a variety of PFC remedies also, which will offer you the flexibility to mix and match the power conversion phases to optimize for your demands.

ON Semiconductor’s new Motor Development Kit (MDK) features a common control system in the Universal Controller Board (UCB) as well as an ever-expanding offering of power boards for rapid examination as well as evaluation of detailed electric motor drive options.

Both the 1 kW 600 V based on Compact IPM and also the 4 kW 650 V based upon SPM31 will be readily available in Q4, 2020. An added motor power board will be released in Q1, 2021 based on ON Semiconductor’s TMPIM technology, created to drive motors as much as 10 kW. Anticipate further power boards as well as broadened design support to be added to the MDK ecosystem.


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