NewsToyochem Introduces LIOTELAN™: Highly Flexible Shielding Films Redefining EMI Protection for Electronic...

Toyochem Introduces LIOTELAN™: Highly Flexible Shielding Films Redefining EMI Protection for Electronic Devices

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Toyochem Co., Ltd., the renowned polymer and coatings division of Japan’s esteemed Toyo Ink Group, is making waves in the industry with its groundbreaking LIOTELAN™ line. These innovative conductive and insulating sheet films have been developed to provide exceptional protection for electrical and electronic equipment. Boasting high water-resistance and remarkable flexibility with an elongation of 500 percent, the LIOTELAN shielding films present a game-changing solution for shielding against electromagnetic interference (EMI) while offering numerous design benefits.

In traditional EMI shields, metals have been the go-to choice due to their effectiveness. However, Toyochem’s engineers in Japan sought to challenge this convention by harnessing their expertise in functional filler dispersion technology. Through this approach, they successfully developed highly conductive fillers that significantly enhance EMI shielding performance. Leveraging Toyochem’s polymer sheet conversion technology, these fillers were transformed into the flexible LIOTELAN sheet films, which possess remarkable shielding capabilities, excellent water-resistance, and unmatched mechanical durability.

A key advantage of LIOTELAN sheets films lies in their ability to fabricate multi-layer EMI shields using the hot-pressing method. This groundbreaking process involves molding an insulating sheet layer directly onto electronic components attached to the substrate. Subsequently, a conductive layer is formed over the insulating layer using the same method. By adopting LIOTELAN shielding films, device engineers can effortlessly and swiftly create lightweight, durable, and highly effective EMI shields without resorting to soldering or bulky metal shielding cans.

Hidenobu Kobayashi, the technical manager at Toyochem, highlights the immense potential of this innovative product, stating, “This new innovative product enables the formation of ultra-thin shielding laminates of high flexibility, conductivity, and insulation properties required by next-generation PCBs. In line with the rising demand for components that are lightweight, have lower profiles, and feature more durable and flexible materials, we expect the trend of replacing metals with polymer composites to continue.”

The LIOTELAN line of EMI shielding sheet films is set to make its global debut at the upcoming International Microwave Symposium, held in San Diego, California, from June 11 to 16, 2023. Toyochem will proudly showcase its cutting-edge products, including the LIOELM™ TSS™ 500 series designed for next-generation high-speed communication devices. These high-performance materials address challenges related to electromagnetic radiation and thermal conductivity, further cementing Toyochem’s position as an industry leader in innovative solutions.

With the introduction of LIOTELAN, Toyochem has ushered in a new era of highly flexible and efficient EMI shielding films. As the demand for lighter, sleeker, and more resilient electronic devices continues to grow, the polymer composites developed by Toyochem are poised to reshape the industry, replacing conventional metal shielding cans with their advanced shielding effectiveness and unmatched design freedom.

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