ProjectHyper Compact LED Matrix for Tiny Projects: 2826 Pixel-Matrix from MAKERPALS

Hyper Compact LED Matrix for Tiny Projects: 2826 Pixel-Matrix from MAKERPALS

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Small projects require small components which is why the super compact 2826 Pixel-Matrix is able to do perfect job. If you’re working on the breadboard or making an ultra-compact screen, the 2826 Pixel-Matrix offers the highest quality lighting within a small space! It was designed by scratch in order to address in a gap within the marketplace, this stunning white PCB will make an impression in your component drawer.

With its tiny 2x2mm RGB LEDs it is among the tiniest LED matrixes for sale. With a size of only 28.6 inches by 26.4 millimeters the matrix is incredibly compact and ideal to be used on breadboards. With DIP connections that plug directly onto breadboards and a breadboard, getting to grips with this matrix is easy. Connect the matrix to your Arduino with just 3 wires and you’ll be on your way into coding!

There are two separate Arduino libraries that can be used to drive the LED matrix; the Adafruit Neopixel library or the FastLED library. The designer of this product, MAKERPALS, have uploaded an insightful video detailing their build process and how you can utilise this matrix. There are also detailed instructions available on how to program the matrix from scratch, as well as how to link it to a powerful matrix control software that makes the process super simple.

MAKERPALS are an independent team of electronics designers based out of Maharashtra, India. Willing to ship worldwide, this hardworking team of makers are dedicated to creating the highest quality products and strive to produce unique ideas. They’ve been here on Tindie since 2020, and each product they have released has been well executed.

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