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32-Lane PCIe 3.0 Packet Switch from Diodes Incorporated Addresses Fan-Out and Multi-Host Connectivity

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Diodes Incorporated (Diodes) (Nasdaq DIOD) today announced the launch of an PCIe(r) 3.0 packet switch IC. DIODES(tm) PI7C9X3G1632GP is a an incredibly flexible multi-port and lanewidth configurations, which result in higher levels of performance and accessibility. This is beneficial for systems that deal with deep learning and AI workloads as well as data storage equipment, the servers used in data centers as well as wireless/wireline telecommunications infrastructure and a variety of forms of modern embedded hardware.

The basic structure of the PI7C9X3G1632GP comprises two tiles with each having eight ports and 16 lanes that allow it to provide 32 SERDES when it comes to configuration options that extend from two ports all the way to sixteen ports. To accommodate a variety of possible applications, like port fan-out or connection for multiple hosts various ports can be assigned. They include downstream, upstream and cross-domain end-point (CDEP) ports.

Numerous DMA channels are embedded in the PI7C9X3G1632GP to facilitate an efficient data exchange between hosts and endpoints. The low latency of packet forwarding demonstrated (<150ns typically) implies that high-performance data transmissions can be made. The inclusion of the PCIe 3.0 clock buffer will help reduce overall bill-of-materials expenses and makes the process easier to implement.

The inclusion of additional options, like advanced error reporting as well as error handling and complete data security, are crucial in ensuring continuous reliability of transmission. Furthermore, operational conditions are monitored with the built-in thermometer.

Advanced power management capabilities allow substantial energy savings. This makes it possible for the PI7C9X3G1632GP to work throughout the temperature range for industrial applications from -40degC up to 85degC. This permits it to be used for a wide range of applications.

Its PI7C9X3G1632GP packet switch comes in the 676-pin FCBGA package that has the size of 27mm by 27mm. It’s priced for purchase at $89 in 1000 quantity pieces.

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