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Harwin Introduces Rear Panel Mount Options for its Key Hi-Rel Cable Connector Products

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To give customers with greater option as well as rise layout adaptability, Harwin now supplies rear panel place cable connectors for both its 2mm-pitch Datamate and 1.25mm-pitch Gecko high-reliability (Hi-Rel) series. These will certainly complement the business’s existing front panel install options, expanding the scope of just how connector housings are affixed to an enclosure or panel.

The clear advantage that rear panel install has over front panel place is that the bulk of the adapter housing lies on the inside of the unit or panel. This suggests that the connector is better secured from the external setting, with just its mating face being revealed. Because of this, there is much less danger of possible interconnect damage occurring, and the general layout looks far better aesthetically.

Versions of Harwin’s Datamate J-Tek as well as Datamate Mix-Tek (combining power and information pins) adapter products will certainly be available with rear panel installing jackscrews. These will certainly be fitted to male cord connector housings. The even more portable Gecko-SL and also Gecko-MT products with rear panel mounting are fitted to both male and female cable adapter real estates. For all these items, get in touch with counts of approximately 50 per connector are sustained.

The brand-new rear panel mount cable connectors make use of an exclusive dealing with framework. As incorporating interior screw dealings with for mating objectives, the adapters likewise feature extensions to each end. These permit a 2nd opening to be accommodated for panel add-on. All of Harwin’s back panel styles work with the business’s existing mating cord connector portfolio. Because of this, there is arrangement to retrofit them right into tradition deployments. It additionally suggests that no additional layout work is needed to replace existing external cable harness.

“Connectors attached to a panel or enclosure help lower any strain placed on electrical connections inside the unit. This extends the working life of equipment and avoids repairs,” says Ryan Smart, NPI Product Manager at Harwin. “After consulting our customer base, it was clear that many preferred a rear panel mounting solution. Putting the connector on the inside of the enclosure gave them sleeker equipment modules and connectors less vulnerable to damage. Now we have both front and rear mounting for Datamate and Gecko, our customers can choose whichever option they need.”

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