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Cotlo Smart Bike

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Even when electric cycles change you down, maybe you nevertheless enjoy a few of the digital alarms and whistles which are incorporated on several EBikes. If this is the situation, a “wise bicycle” may be more for your preference. Among the newest to capture our attention may be the Cotlo Corvus, which includes a vehicle-discovering back radar program along with a integral OLED screen. We discovered a model at Interbike 2015, and got the products.

Developed by Oriental technology company Cotlo and being marketed by Chinais Costelo Activities, the Corvus in the beginning glimpse seems to merely be another carbon-fiber-framed hardtail mountain bicycle – possibly a little affected from the style of Searchis bicycles, using its top-tube and handlebar base developing one constant point.

Resting flush using the leading area of this base, nevertheless, may be the backlit OLED display. It shows data-such as present pace, length visited, calories burnt and cadence. Extra information, like the bikeis present area on the path map (or on the common town chart, when the bike’s been stolen), could be utilized via an associated smartphone application.

All that information is collected by devices like a speedometer situated close to the rear dropouts, a cadence meter in another of the chainstays, along with a power-meter included in the bottom group. Additionally there is a microprocessor situated in underneath of the down-tube, with a GPS component, altimeter, accelerometer, inclinometer, Wireless module and 9-axis gyroscope.


smart bike

Anything is driven with a lithium ion battery (just beneath the microprocessor), which may be eliminated for getting.

The Corvus furthermore includes a rear-experiencing 24-GHz radar component (observed under), which registers cars approaching from behind – it is just like a integral edition of Garminis Varia Radar. When the component decides that the vehicle is final in in a dangerously highspeed, it signals the driver by humming the seatpost. Samsungis one off wise bicycle idea, by comparison, “simply” runs on the rear-experiencing camcorder.

About the subject of buzzing, navigational hints are shipped in the application towards the driver by moving engines in either end-of the bars, as-is the situation using the Valour wise bicycle. Whenever a left-turn is arising, the bicycle allows the driver understand by humming their left-hand, and – nicely, you receive the concept.

Lastly, additionally there is a LED headlight. It instantly occurs when it gets dark out, because of an ambient light indicator.

As is visible within the pictures, some items of the model we noticed continue to be only a little tough. Having said that, Cotlo is taking a look at creating the bicycle commercially, though there is no term on pricing or accessibility.


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