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Connect to Arduino Cloud from far away with LoRaWAN and The Things Stack

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The Things Stack (TTS) and Arduino Cloud are now fully connected and can open up an array of possibilities for connected devices. If you set up your LoRaWAN device it will automatically be registered with The Things Stack platform, as well.

Arduino Cloud Goes Long Range

Abbreviation for long-range large area network. which is a low-power wireless connectivity technology, just as Wi-Fi. However, it operates using another (unlicensed) frequency that is capable of transmitting and receiving signals far more. It boasts distances expressed by kilometers rather than meters, like WiFi as well as Bluetooth.

LoRa isn’t something new to Arduino Of course. Now, your Arduinos are able to make use of more than 22,000 gateways that are public throughout the world , all linked to TTS service. In a manner that is a bit simplified they translate radio signals in internet data packets. Radio signals are effectively data transmitted via the internet and reverse. This significantly increases the coverage of wireless internet and allows remotely located IoT gadgets to the Arduino Cloud.

It’s not only about placing sensors, devices, or projects in remote areas or in rural areas however. It’s about connecting to internet even in areas that don’t have Wi-Fi or the requirement for expensive mobile data connection. Its energy consumption is low. This means that a large number of remote devices run with solar power or batteries.

Set up LoRaWAN and The Things Stack on Arduino Cloud

Things, Things and More Things

If you set up a brand the first LoRaWAN compatible device within your Arduino Cloud like the MKR WAN 1300 the device is now automatically added as a device to The Things Stack.

You’ll see a new menu in the setup process where you can select the region you want to use. This is vital, because various countries and regions use various LoRaWAN band frequencies.

It’s that! You don’t need for anything more. The simplest and most efficient method of connecting to LoRa devices inside the Arduino project. For any electronic project, to be precise, as Arduino Cloud lets you seamlessly connect various devices.

Arduino MKR WAN 1300 Arduino Cloud LoRaWAN on The Things Stack

Create the setup like you would for any other device connected to Arduino Cloud. Sync your variables, connect your devices, build your dashboards. If your Arduino is within range of a gateway that is connected to TTS, it is part of the Arduino Cloud. It’s just like in the same room as you connected to your Wi-Fi network even though it’s 15 km away! It is possible to build your personal LoRaWAN gateway that is compatible with TTS in the event that you don’t have one within the range.

There’s a much more in-depth tutorial over at Arduino Docs but it’s not difficult in any way. It offers excellent tips regarding creating and accessing The Things Console, which LoRa enthusiasts will appreciate. There’s also an simple testing project to ensure that everything is functioning as you expect it to.

It’s not yet the time to start using LoRa. However, anyone Arduino enthusiast who takes seriously the fascinating technology will soon be fascinated by it and the opportunities it provides. Let us know about your LoRa projects via social media as well as how you’re building them using Arduino Cloud.

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