NewsCMOS operational amplifier with very low power BD77501G from ROHM

CMOS operational amplifier with very low power BD77501G from ROHM

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Rohm Semiconductor introduces a brand new CMOS amplifier marked with the emblem BD77501G at the family of Emarmour low-noise comparators and op-amps. The system is intended to discover anomalies of signals made by low-voltage detectors. Unlike conventional high-speed op-amps which tend toward oscillation as a result of capacitive loading, it’s a steady output over a broad selection of capacities, down to nanofarads.

The BD77501G is your very first high-speed operational amplifier available on the current market, not just giving a high slew rate of 10V/s, mandatory for detecting signal anomalies, but also eliminating the issue of oscillation brought on by capacitive loads. In addition, it is characterized by 10 times bigger fluctuations in the output signal voltage than normal amplifiers over the whole frequency range. Because of the growing immunity to electromagnetic disturbances, it does not want external RC filters in the input, output and power lines, which enables the elimination of around 10 cooperating components in contrast to conventional amplifiers.

Normal applications of these BD77501G contain gas sensors, current sensors, motor and inverters control systems, transistor management buffers, and other industrial and commercial applications requiring high-speed signal transmission. The system is closed from the SSOP5 home with dimensions of 2.9×2.8×1.25mm.

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