NewsCincoze Unveils High-Performance P2202 Series Panel PCs

Cincoze Unveils High-Performance P2202 Series Panel PCs

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Cincoze Launches Advanced P2202 Series in Display Computing Line

Cincoze, a leader in rugged embedded computing, has introduced the P2202+CV/CS/CO Series. These panel PCs, part of the CRYSTAL Display Computing product line, feature the Intel Core U-series (Alder Lake-P) processor. This processor delivers exceptional performance, making these PCs suitable for diverse applications, from harsh industrial settings to outdoor high-brightness areas, and for seamless integration with various equipment.

Combining Slim Design with Robust Performance

The P2202 Series, including models P2202 and P2202E with PCIe expansion, outperforms its predecessors with up to 2.23x improvement in performance. Integrating Intel Iris Xe graphics, they provide up to 2.58x better graphics performance. The series supports up to 64GB DDR5 4800MHz memory. Despite their powerful capabilities, these computers boast a slim design, ensuring versatility in different application environments.

Versatile Use: Standalone and Convertible

Designed for spaces where installation room is limited, the P2202 Series serves dual purposes. These thin embedded computers work well on their own or with Cincoze’s patented Convertible Display System (CDS). This unique technology allows for easy transformation into various panel PC forms, such as industrial, high-brightness, or open frame panel PCs, adaptable to different requirements.

Rich Connectivity and Customizable Expansion

With support for four independent displays and a range of I/O options, the P2202 Series excels in connectivity. It includes options for wireless communication modules like 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. The series’ modular design allows for easy addition of specialized functions, including PoE and IGN. Additionally, the P2202E model features a PCIe slot for 75W expansion cards.

Ensuring Stability and Reliability

The P2202 Series meets Cincoze’s high quality standards. It offers wide temperature and voltage adaptability and has passed stringent vibration, shock, and industrial EMC tests. These certifications confirm the series’ industrial-grade protection and reliability, making them well-suited for demanding environments.

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