NewsCARI Electronic Launches Industry 4.0 Journey with FactoryLogix

CARI Electronic Launches Industry 4.0 Journey with FactoryLogix

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Aegis Software, a global supplier with IoT-powered Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) today announced it has announced that CARI Electronic, EMS partner located in Valence close in Lyon, France, has selected FactoryLogix as the main component in FactoryLogix’s MES Industry 4.0 development.

For the past 35 decades, CARI Electronic has been providing electronic services beginning with the design of electronic systems, to the creation of electronic cards as well as the Integration of complicated systems with the aim to offer their clients rapid turn-around times and the highest standard of quality.

As an active member of the innovative French Tech organization and EN9100 certified, CARI Electronic satisfies exacting demands of customers across a variety of industries that include aerospace medical, energy industrial IoT applications and audio, utilizing strict IPC Manufacturing standards.

“CARI has been looking to start our Industry 4.0 journey, continuing our Lean efforts, with key objectives to improve the speed of product development, manufacturing and delivery, further increase quality levels, while providing exact traceability”, explains Sylvain ROLLET, CEO of CARI Electronic. ”We chose FactoryLogix because of Aegis’ state of the art singular MES solution, which doesn’t require any third-party dependencies or hardware to connect to machines, and their established track-record of digital manufacturing innovation for electronic cards.”

Dan Walls, Managing Director EMEA at Aegis Software, comments, “We are extremely excited and proud to be a part of CARI Electronics’ journey, as they continue to increase their business through innovation using FactoryLogix along with Industry 4.0 which is a remarkable role model for sector.” FactoryLogix is a multi-faceted and modular platform that provides cutting-edge technology, with modular modules that are easily adapted to help implement the company’s plan to move towards Industry 4.0. FactoryLogix handles all aspects of manufacturing: from the initial launch of a product to material logistics, all the way to production execution and quality management to highly effective analytics and real-time dashboards. This complete platform can help businesses accelerate the introduction of products, streamline processes, increase the quality of their products and traceability, decrease costs, and gain better insight into competitive advantages and increased profitability.

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