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New automotive TrEOS ESD protection from Nexperia combines high signal integrity, low clamping voltage and high surge robustness

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Nexperia, the expert in crucial semiconductors, has actually presented 4 new TrEOS ESD defense tools that are AEC-Q101- gotten approved for auto use as well as heat capable up to 175 ° C. Alike with all TrEOS parts, the new parts incorporate very low capacitance guaranteeing high signal stability, incredibly low securing and also high robustness for modern-day automobile user interfaces. Certain automotive applications include infotainment, adas and multimedia systems featuring USB 3.2, HDMI, LVDS, SerDes and also SD-card interfaces.

Nexperia’s TrEOS ESD security technology makes use of energetic silicon-controlled correction to get over the standard protection compromise challenge. Capacitance is restrained to 0.5 pF, clamping voltage is simply 3 V and devices can stand up to rise and ESD pulses up to 10 A 8/20 µs. This industry-leading performance in all locations is delivered in the extensively-proven SOT23 bundle

Lukas Droemer, Nexperia item manager commented: “Our TrEOS technology has actually established the sector benchmark for mobile and also computing ESD defense given that its launch in 2015. Currently, as there is a demand for an increasing number of connectivity in vehicles, Nexperia is remaining to qualify its TrEOS ESD defense portfolio for the auto industry. With these repairs, auto style engineers can empower their new systems with the efficiency of TrEOS ESD protection while boosting system-level effectiveness.”

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