NewsASM presents strong solutions for the integrated smart factory

ASM presents strong solutions for the integrated smart factory

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Between January 19 and 21, ASM will present its most innovative and cutting-edge solutions to interested visitors from the trade during NEPCON Japan. NEPCON Japan trade fair in Tokyo. ASM, a pioneer in technology, has been the top choice to industrial clients in the realm of electronics manufacturing for many years, and is expected to keep inspiring them until 2022. Trade fair visitors can get information about ASM’s brand-new Open Automation concept, the next-generation DEK TQ printer, the top-of-the-line ASM ProcessLens SPI system, and the SIPLACE TX micron for high-speed/high-density advanced packaging applications, to name just a few. “ASMPT is exhibiting at Internepcon Japan 2022. We will show attendees the best platforms and machines that are suitable for their specific manufacturing requirements and they will learn how flexible, productive , and efficient ASM solutions are able to help them move forward with their manufacturing and develop the Integrated Smart Factory as you want. Strong machines and intelligent software are the main features this year. I’m eager to see visitors go to ASM “on website” as well as “on demand” I’m sure that you’ll find the answers you need on our stand!” explains Yuzo Ishizaki General Manager of ASM SMT Solutions Japan.

Open Automation Modular, flexible and non-proprietary

By implementing Open Automation, ASM presents an alternative to fully automated shop floors, which tend to be rigid and costly. Electronics manufacturers can choose the speed and extent of their shift to automation according to the method that works best for their needs. Through open interfaces like IPC-CFX or the Hermes standard or IPC-CFX ASM’s modular and open approach blends seamless M2M and M2H communications and the integration of third-party solutions as well as existing systems. as a tool to achieve economical process optimization as well as increases in quality and efficiency, Open Automation gives electronics manufacturers the flexibility they require. ASM offers a full software infrastructure to establish an intelligent factory that is integrated. It ranges from ASM Works Basic Package for network line components, and also installing an effective Shop Floor Management System. It also includes eight modules that offer enhanced functionality for optimizing and integrating processes for seamless data exchange vertically and sync of data between the level of the shopfloor and ERP/MES through ASM Factory Automation. ASM Factory Automation tool. The coordination and management of AIVs to streamline manufacturing workflows is also handled by the latest ASM Factory Automation software module.

This is the next version of DEK TQ: compactness and top performance for step-by step automation

With the new version of DEK TQ stencil printer ASM offers the perfect combination of top-quality technology and flexible automated. With its wet-printing precision of +-17.5 microns at 2 Cpk and a cycle-time of just 5 seconds The DEK TQ is setting new records for performance accuracy, efficiency, and efficiency. Innovative features like Smart Pin Placement and DEK All-Purpose Clamping let users to enhance their level of automation according to their individual needs. It was specifically designed to run without an operator for 8 hours or more and its open interfaces guarantee that it is quick and easy integration into a factory that is smart.

ASM ProcessLens system for SPI Unbeatable combination of speed and precision

A brand new HD optical system that features 20 micron resolution in high-speed mode can cut down the time for inspection by as much as 70 percent when compared to conventional SPI systems. In the lonely slow high-resolution setting, the system can even be inspected with an accuracy that is 10 microns. These features make the ASM ProcessLens system by far the most efficient as well as most accurate high-end inspection device that is available.

SIPLACE TX micron Superfast for super-high density

with up to 96,000 parts per hour, accuracy of placement of 25, 20 , or 15 microns @ 3 Sigma and minimum distances for placement as small as 50 microns and the SIPLACE TX micron is a symbol of the latest in packaging technology and high-density applications with unparalleled efficiency.

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