NewsAnritsu and dSPACE Accelerate Simulation and Testing of 5G Automotive Applications

Anritsu and dSPACE Accelerate Simulation and Testing of 5G Automotive Applications

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Anritsu Corporation and dSPACE, two of the leading firms in the field of measurement and test along with simulation and validation, will showcase the combination of PC-based simulation systems that incorporate sensor-realistic simulation into an emulator for 5G networks at the Mobile World Congress 2022 (MWC). The joint showcase will illustrate the best ways to avoid collisions between cars and objects or pedestrians in intersections with restricted visibility.

The specific application utilized in the demonstration is called the advanced collision alert (AICW). In this case sensors-based data is exchanged between the vehicles and infrastructure of the intersection by using 5G technology to communicate. The demonstration uses V2X information and video data gathered from camera sensors are shared and analysed to alert of individuals or objects like VRUs who are vulnerable to road hazards (VRUs) situated in blind spots, which are typically located at intersections. The demonstration employs 5G technology for network slicing to create a distinct URLLC link to display V2X hazard alerts as well as an eMBB hyperlink to transmit HD video.

Gregor Hordys, responsible for connectivity-related topics at dSPACE and dSPACE, says: “This solution adds a modern, high-end sensor-realistic vehicle simulation and a in the testing of radio communications to facilitate testing of new applications that allow for cooperative and connected automated driving, built on edge computing and 5G in the laboratory.”

“This joint integration and the power of such a solution is a significant step forward for 5G V2X testing and emulation. This industry-leading demonstration is an exciting example of the development of 5G V2X applications,” says Jonathan Borrill, Head of Global Market Technology at Anritsu.

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