NewsAMOLED PMIC boosts battery runtime

AMOLED PMIC boosts battery runtime

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The STMP30 PMIC of ST incorporates three DC/DC converters in order to supply the power rails that are required to display AMOLED screens on smartphones as well as mobile devices. According to ST the device, it combines the ability to reduce quiescent current as well as advanced functions to increase battery life.

Operating at an output voltage that ranges from 2.9 V up to 4.8 V the STMP30’s high-power 550-mA Out1 boost converter has variable output voltage. Contrary to other devices that set V out1 with 4.6 V and the output of the STMP30 is able to be adjusted in between 4.6 V as well as 5.0 V in increments of 100 millivolts. This improves the brightness of the display to reduce power consumption and the best viewing in a variety of lighting conditions. Out2 is supplied by a single-phase 550-mA inverting converter that buck-boosts, which can be programmed to operate from -0.8 V and -6.6 V. V Out3 is provided with a boost converter 150mA with an output that can be programmed from 5.5 V and up to 7.9 V.

Output voltages can be programmed with the S-Wire protocols via external pins. It also receives external pins. PMIC also receives S-Wire signals to enable the AMOLED in the display mode that is always on which displays information constantly with very little power. The STMP30 provides a real shut-down mode that maximizes energy savings and also security features like thermal protection and input undervoltage lockout and soft-start that includes limit on inrush current. High-voltage outputs feature short-circuit protection and fast-discharge circuitry.

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