NewsInfineon Introduces the New IPM series CIPOS Tiny IM323-L6G

Infineon Introduces the New IPM series CIPOS Tiny IM323-L6G

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Infineon Technologies AG has added an additional member of the CIPOS Tiny Intelligent Power Module (IPM) family that is the CIPOS Tiny IM323-L6G 600V 15 A. This new IPM is built on TRENCHSTOP IGBT RC-D2 switches as well as the latest SOI gate drivers that delivers high efficiency and enhanced reliability, while minimizing costs and size. The combination of discrete power semiconductors as well as drivers in one device lets designers reduce the time and energy spent in designing their product, dramatically reducing the time from concept to market. The module can be used for home appliances of all sizes particularly the drives used in room air conditioners.

The CIPOS Tiny IM323-L6G has been optimized for 3-phase inverters that can reach 1.2 5 kW with an operating frequency of 1-20 kHz. It is equipped with the most recent 600 V TRENCHSTOP RC-D2 technology that has a monolithically integrated diode and an maximum junction temperature of 175oC for the switch. With the tough modern C5SOI Gate Driver technology to prevent negative voltage spikes at motor outputs and the IPM guarantees a short-circuit ability of at least 3 us , and offers a high level of security and fail-safe operation. If there is an event of overcurrent or under voltage the IPM prevents cross-conduction and turns off all switches.

The IM323L6G is made in a sturdy and pin-compatible 33 19 millimeter 2. DIP package that has an integrated NTC which permits high-level flexibility in the mechanical design of the system. This results in improved package durability, which leads to high-reliability. It also has the most modern gate driver and switching technologies to ensure the highest performance. Additionally, internal production for front-end as well as back-end security ensures the security of supply.

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