NewsABB Launches Innovative IE5 SynRM Liquid-Cooled Motors for Superior Efficiency and Compactness

ABB Launches Innovative IE5 SynRM Liquid-Cooled Motors for Superior Efficiency and Compactness

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ABB, a leading technology innovator in electrification and automation, has introduced an unprecedented version of its IE5 SynRM (synchronous reluctance motor) series, integrating ultra-premium energy efficiency with state-of-the-art liquid cooling technology. This advancement establishes a new standard for power output and reliability within a remarkably compact design.

Energy Savings and Environmental Benefits

The IE5 SynRM Liquid-cooled motors are engineered to significantly reduce energy costs and emissions, making them an ideal choice for various industries, including marine propulsion, rubber and plastics production, and food and beverage sectors. Their exceptional efficiency presents a tangible opportunity for businesses to upgrade their operations with energy-saving technology, optimizing the total cost of ownership (TCO). Remarkably, IE5 motors exhibit 40% lower energy losses compared to the commonly used IE3 motors, often resulting in a payback period of less than one year.

Enhanced Reliability and Maintenance Reduction

These motors feature an advanced cooling system that, coupled with the SynRM rotor’s cool operation and cooling ribs on the bearing assembly, significantly lowers the bearings’ operating temperature. This innovation not only extends the lifetime of this crucial component but also diminishes the need for maintenance, ensuring improved reliability.

Design and Operational Advantages

Designed to withstand demanding conditions, the IE5 SynRM Liquid-cooled motors possess robust seals that protect against moisture, dirt, and dust, and feature a smooth outer surface to prevent dust accumulation. Their fanless design eliminates airflow disruption and heat release into the environment, offering substantial benefits in applications sensitive to air movement. Additionally, the absence of fans contributes to a quieter working atmosphere, enhancing the environment for personnel.

Stefan Floeck on SynRM and Liquid Cooling Innovation

Stefan Floeck, Division President IEC Low Voltage Motors at ABB, highlights the company’s pioneering efforts in SynRM technology and liquid cooling for induction motors. “The IE5 SynRM Liquid-cooled motor exemplifies ABB’s commitment to delivering ultra-premium efficiency across a broader range of applications,” he states, emphasizing the motor’s position as a global first in the series.

Flexibility in Design and Installation

The high power output offered by the liquid-cooled IE5 SynRM enhances design flexibility, enabling upgrades for higher power output within existing footprints or more compact installations without compromising performance. Weighing almost half as much as comparable IE3 induction motors, these motors also simplify handling and installation processes.

Specifications and Availability

Available in frame sizes IEC 200-315 in aluminum, with steel options upon request, the IE5 SynRM Liquid-cooled motors deliver exceptional performance across a power range of 37 to 710 kW at 400 V, catering to a diverse spectrum of power requirements.

About ABB

ABB stands at the forefront of electrification and automation, championing a sustainable, resource-efficient future. With a legacy spanning over 140 years and a workforce of more than 105,000 employees, ABB is dedicated to fostering industrial transformation through its comprehensive solutions that merge engineering expertise with software innovation.

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