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What is the Difference Between Poe Injector and Poe Switch

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PoE, also known as Power over Ethernet is often an excellent choice for improved performance and flexibility of networks. It is extensively employed in security monitoring as well as VoIP and wireless access points, IP and many more.

For PoE two devices, PoE switch, and an PoE injector are essential. What are they? In this article, we’ll discuss the details of these two.

Understanding PoE Basics

Before you can understand the distinction between the two, a PoE injector and a PoE switch, should have a clear concept of the two.

The first step is to consider a standard Ethernet cable. It comes with two wires. For a Pedestrian-style 10/100-base TX cable Two wires are utilized for data transmission, while the other two wires are open to passing. This type of cable is referred to by the name of Mode B.

However, for the today’s internet requirements the greater bandwidth requirement has led to the creation of the Mode A and 4-pair cables.

Modern PoE cables as well as the active PoE cables are able to communicate with connected devices to provide the voltage needed by using handshake protocols. This is secure and provides better connectivity.

What is a PoE Injector?

An PoE injector form one port PoE switch that supplies electricity to the data on the working Ethernet cable. Because the Ethernet cable does not provide power via built-in switches and injectors, this injector pumps power into the endpan components such as IP camera, VoIP camera or Wireless Access Points.

Another advantage of injectors is that it’s perfect for devices with low power requirements. It is helpful in providing power to devices which are located in locations that are difficult to reach.

The injectors are equipped with an ethernet switch , or router in a manner that the point of power supply is at the most distant point from the device that needs the power. There are various types of injectors, based on their dimensions, power types and other characteristics.

There are two kinds of injectors are commonly used- the active injectors and passive ones. For active injectors they have a maximum current greater or equal to than the voltage that is required. However, in cases for passive PoE injectors it is within operational range of the device connected. These injectors are commonly utilized for delicate devices that could get damaged by the power supply.

What time are you going to require an injector for PoE?

PoE injectors are typically employed to link devices which don’t include internet connectivity, to a switch on a network. For example, IP cameras, VoIP cameras, etc. It is plug-and play and provides direct power to the device.

What is a PoE Switch?

poe switch

Its PoE switch is an Poe cable that has a built-in injector. It provides nearly twice the power of an ordinary PoE injector can provide. They automatically determine compatibility of other devices, the best voltage.

In general the current PoE switches generally contain eight or more ports.

When to Use a PoE Switch

If the VoIP cameras don’t include an internet connection built-in A PoE switch is an excellent alternative. It provides both electricity and internet access and is robust.

What are the Difference Between a PoE Switch and a PoE Injector

While both PoE injectors and PoE switch perform the same tasks There are some distinctions also.

  • An Poe switch can be a costly investment which requires a complex installation. However, on opposite, PoE injectors are simple to install. but they are investments for the short term.
  • An PoE injector is cheaper than an PoE switch.
  • One of the major distinctions between injectors and switches is how they operate during power interruptions. The Poe switch is normally connected to several devices. So, in the event of a power loss, all devices will be shut down simultaneously. However, the injector is linked to just one device. It means that only that specific device will cease working.
  • Replacing the PoE switch can be more difficult than replacing a Pose injector. It is possible to purchase the new Switch and then install it using the recommended instructions. For injectors, it is possible to change the injector you want to replace.


As you can observe it is true that both PoE injectors and switches use similar Pose technology. However, each offers advantages and drawbacks. So, which one to choose is contingent on the way you plan to utilize your PoE technology.

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