NewsVIAVI Xgig PCIe 5.0 Exerciser Approved by PCI-SIG for Protocol Compliance Testing

VIAVI Xgig PCIe 5.0 Exerciser Approved by PCI-SIG for Protocol Compliance Testing

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Bangalore on March 24, 2022 The company VIAVI Solutions today announced that the PCI-SIG has completed their correlating process and has approved the results generated by VIAVI’s Xgig PCI Express (PCIe) 5.0 Exerciser to verify Link as well as Transaction protocol compliance at 32 GT/s. The VIAVI results are verified that of the PCI SIG SEG sub-group, which is in line with PCIe 5.0 conformance specifications. PCI-SIG is a community that is responsible for establishing and maintaining PCIe specifications, which is the most widely used standard for data transfer between I/O devices.

The results obtained through the XgigPCIe 5.0 Exerciser, when used in one of PCI SIG’s globally workshop locations, will count towards the product’s inclusion on the PCIe 5.0 Integrators List. With VIAVI becoming an recognized Testing Equipment (TE) supplier to PCI-SIG workshop, it will allow PCI-SIG members to test between workshops with the VIAVI software for compliance.

The PCI-SIG group has more than 90 members, which includes the largest chip makers in the world. With each new specification release the group aims to double the rate of data for compliant devices and components. The next PCI SIG compliance workshop to be held for Gen 5 is scheduled for April 18-22 at Burlingame, CA, USA.

“PCI Express technology is a critical standard that underpins the success of virtually every form of computing,” said Tom Fawcett, Senior Vice General Manager and President of the Lab and Production Business Unit, VIAVI. “And even so there are a few companies that have the experience to conduct PCIe testing for compliance. We’re excited to be a part of the PCI SIG community and providing them the necessary foundation to move forward to PCIe 5.0 technology , and moving forward.” “PCIe Testing compliance is the most important aspect of our efforts to standardize,” said Al Yanes the PCI-SIG President and Chairperson. “VIAVI plays a role in this effort and we’re looking forward to meeting them and the rest of our members at our next compliance workshop this April.”

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