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Revolutionizing Recycled ABS: MBA Polymers UK Launches ABS 4125 UL, a High-Quality Alternative for Electronics, Automotive, and Consumer Goods

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Manufacturers in the electronics, automotive, and cosmetics industries are facing increasing demand for high-quality recycled ABS as the global drive for lower carbon products gains momentum. To address this need, MBA Polymers UK, a world-leading plastic recycler, has launched an innovative product called ABS 4125 UL. This UL certified ABS offers a revolutionary solution, providing a high-quality recycled alternative to traditional plastics used in electronics, automotive manufacturing, and consumer goods. By utilizing ABS 4125 UL, manufacturers can significantly reduce their reliance on Earth’s depleting resources.

A key feature of ABS 4125 UL is its remarkable post-consumer recycled content, exceeding 95%. This significant breakthrough was made possible through the utilization of advanced technical developments in MBA Polymers UK’s plastic recycling operations at their state-of-the-art facility in Worksop, Nottinghamshire.

With the demand for recycled ABS surpassing supply, MBA Polymers UK has wasted no time in exporting their groundbreaking product to businesses globally, including prominent markets such as the USA and Hong Kong. ABS 4125 UL serves as the flagship product in a new line of premium-recycled polymers to be introduced by MBA Polymers UK. By the year 2030, the company aims to deliver 100,000 tonnes of recycled plastics content to manufacturers across various markets and industries, including high-performance polymers like ABS.

As part of EMR, a global leader in sustainable materials, MBA Polymers UK benefits from a reliable and high-quality feedstock. They source materials from diverse streams, including end-of-life vehicles, household appliances, and construction industry waste. The derivation of the new ABS product from the rapidly expanding waste electronics sector contributes to the establishment of a circular economy, aligning with the heightened regulatory requirements and growing consumer concerns surrounding the use of virgin plastics.

In addition to meeting the performance and specification standards of leading ABS polymers, MBA Polymers UK has obtained UL accreditation for ABS 4125 UL. This prestigious accreditation provides manufacturers with enhanced confidence in the traceability and quality of the product. UL accreditation serves as a testament to the exceptional quality, safety, and sustainability of the recycled plastics, instilling confidence in manufacturers, brand owners, and end users regarding the materials’ performance and credibility.

MBA Polymers UK’s commitment to revolutionizing the plastics industry and promoting sustainable practices sets a new benchmark for environmentally conscious manufacturing. By offering ABS 4125 UL and obtaining UL accreditation, MBA Polymers UK is empowering manufacturers to make responsible choices, reduce their environmental impact, and contribute to a more sustainable future for the planet.

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