NewsThis haptic device lets you feel the hair of virtual reality animals

This haptic device lets you feel the hair of virtual reality animals

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If it has to do with virtual reality, the battle is not showing persuasive visuals — VR headphone makers have figured out that. The actual question is how to encircle our other perceptions, such as odor, flavor, and particularly touch. To provide people the capacity to feel the fur of animals at VRand engineers have assembled this odd haptic device, known as HairTouch, armed with flexible hair.

HairTouch, that can be controlled with an Arduino Mega plank, serves a very special function: to allow VR users sense fibers or hair of varying lengths. That really is an absurdly narrow target and this apparatus definitely will not ever make it to market, but it does not make it any more intriguing. If you have ever desired to feel the distinction between a digital tabby cat plus an electronic Maine Coon, this really is actually the haptic feedback gadget which you have been searching for.

Utilizing a series of servo motors, then HairTouch corrects the bristles of a brush. It may control just how much those straps protrude, which can be associated with their own rigidity. Additionally, it corrects the angle of these bristles, or so the consumer can discern the sense of a Pomeranian out of a Collie. Those alterations correspond to this VR thing the user is now touching. The engineers made HairTouch to attach with VR controls, therefore, at least it may utilize existing VR systems.

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