NewsThe Mist: An 8-Bit Homebrew Horror Game!

The Mist: An 8-Bit Homebrew Horror Game!

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The first Nintendo Gameboy was the first that we had an 8-bit console with pocket-sized processing power available, opening the way for other consoles like Game Gear, Game Gear, Virtual Boy, PSP, Vita, and even the Switch! The new games are (obviously) very few and rare in this late 80s console it’s exciting to see that games that were made in homebrew such as The Mist are still being released!

The Mist is an 8-bit horror game set in the haunted lighthouse where you’re required to discover the whereabouts of your beloved through solving puzzles and jumping platforms. Although you can play the game with the emulator available, are aware that the only way to play the actual game is to play it in a room that you’ve constructed underneath your bedroom or the nearby tree-house! It’s an amazing feat from the seller to develop the game from scratch with his own idea of story, story, scripting, and even coding! If you choose to purchase the real deal the snazzy blue cartridge can be fitted into an Original DMG Gameboy, the Gameboy Pocket and the Gameboy Color.

The Mist is developed by Yliader who is located in France and sells eurorack modules as well as homebrewed GB games, with accompanying shells harvested from Brittany. Here’s a quick overview of the game as it plays:

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