NewsGaN drive module increases motor efficiency

GaN drive module increases motor efficiency

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The UK-based startup Quantum Power Transformation announced its qGaNDrive motor drive module in ventilation, heating, and cooling systems. According Quantum Power Transformation, qGaNDrive delivers the full power of GaN transistors and will enhance efficiency of motor drive systems by decreasing losses by as much as 80percent.

QPT founder Rob Gwynne said, “GaN transistors have always provided the most efficient performance and performance over silicon MOSFETs and silicon carbide however they’re notoriously hard to drive at high speeds. We’ve created a novel and exclusive topology to drive GaN transistors that allow them to operate at speeds up to 20 MHz. This will bring significant advantages in efficiency and power consumption.”

The module uses QPT’s as well as qSense, QADC, and ZEST technologies in order to build an open-ended drive that is simple for OEMs to integrate onto their designs. The qDrive drive is a high resolution, very low-jitter GaN transistor drive, with ZEST transformer IP, which provides isolated voltage. qSense is a high-fidelity AC/DC isolation device that provides current and voltage sensing while qADC is a low-latency digital control loop that provides feedback. These building blocks are integrated into a complete EMC-screened power unit.

Apart from HVAC units, the qGaNDrive device can be utilized in electric vehicles as well as industrial applications such as elevators and robotic arms. QGaNDrive is accessible under a non-disclosure contract.

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