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Texas Instruments LP2985A: The Ideal LDO Voltage Regulator for Low Voltage Microcontrollers and Processors

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Texas Instruments LP2985A Low-Dropout (LDO) Voltage Regulators have a fixed output, wide input low-noise, voltage regulators that have a low-dropout feature. They can accommodate an input voltage range of 2.5V through 16V and up to 150mA of load current. Its LP2985A can be used with an input range of 1.2V from 1.2V to 5.0V (LP2985-xxyyzM3). Furthermore this the LP2985A (LP2985-xxyyzM3) comes with an output accuracy of 1% over the temperature and load which can be used to meet the requirements of microcontrollers with low voltage (MCUs) or processors.

To understand the importance of a low-dropout (LDO) voltage regulator like the Texas Instruments LP2985A, it’s essential to know what dropout voltage is. Dropout voltage is the minimum voltage difference between the input and output of a voltage regulator at which it can maintain its specified output voltage. Traditional linear voltage regulators require a significant voltage difference between the input and output, leading to a significant amount of power dissipation as heat. However, LDO voltage regulators like the LP2985A can operate with a much smaller voltage difference, reducing power dissipation and increasing overall efficiency. This makes them ideal for applications where there is limited headroom between the input and output voltages, such as battery-powered devices or low voltage microcontrollers and processors.

A low level of output noise 30 uV RMS (with 10nF bypass capacitors) and a wide-bandwidth PSRR performance more than 70dB at 1kHz and 40dB at 1MHz aid in reducing the frequency of switching in an DC/DC converter upstream and reduce Post regulator filters. The internal soft-start timing as well as the current limit safety decrease the inrush current at startup and reduce capacitance at the input. Protection features that are standard including overtemperature and overcurrent protection are available.

The Texas Instruments LP2985A is available in a five-pin 2.9mm size x 1.6mm SOT-23 (DBV) package.

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