NewsSTMicroelectronics reveals ultra-compact, low-power, NB-IoT industrial modules with GNSS geo-location capability

STMicroelectronics reveals ultra-compact, low-power, NB-IoT industrial modules with GNSS geo-location capability

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STMicroelectronics ST87M01 ultra compact and low-power modules combine high-reliability and robust NBIoT data communication with precise and resilient GNSS Geo-location capability for IoT assets and devices. Advanced security features are integrated into the fully-programmable and certified LTE Cat 2 NB2 industrial modules. They also cover all cellular frequency bands. The ST87M01 is the first IoT cell product to be offered worldwide in compliance with the 3GPP Release 15.

The integrated native GNSS receiver provides enhanced localization and power saving features during NB-IoT sleeping times. ST has completely designed and manufactured the module and all internal ICs. This allows for complete control over the supply chain and bill of materials. This market offers a unique opportunity in terms of product quality and security, as well as longevity. The module measures 10.6mm x 11.2mm LGA, making it perfect for small-form applications. The ST87M01 is qualified for use in the industrial temperature range (-40degC-85) and has an ultra-low power consumption (less than 2uA when low-power mode), as well as transmitting output power of up to +23dBm. This module targets IoT applications that need ultra-reliable Low Power Wide Area Network connectivity (LPWAN). Smart metering, smart grid and smart building are just a few of the many applications that can be used. It can also be used to track applications like locating pets, children and seniors, safety monitoring for remote workers and asset tracking for equipment, such as power tools and general intelligent logistics.

STM8701 is flexible for product developers. It presents a fully-programmable IoT platform that allows users to embed their code directly into the module. This makes it easy for them to create simple applications. The module can also be used in combination with a separate microcontroller to allow for more complex applications. There are many protocol stacks available for common IoT uses, including IPv6, CoAP/LWM2M and MQTT. The ST87M01 can also support standard 3GPP AT commands as well as enhanced ST AT commands. Modules also include a state of the art ST4SIM embedded SIM, (eSIM) certified according to industry standards such as the recent GSMA eSA certification (Security Assurance), which further enhances asset minimization and security. A state-of the-art embedded secure element is (eSE) is also available.

The ST87M01 can be used in combination with other technologies and products from ST, such as microcontrollers and AI solutions, sensors and actuators, PMUs and converters. This will enable next-generation IoT ecosystems.

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