NewsQuantum processor has 64 controllable qubits

Quantum processor has 64 controllable qubits

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QuantWare is the world’s leading supplier of superconducting quantum processing devices. They have launched Tenor, a processor that allows commercial quantum computers to be made with 64 fully controlled qubits.

For the past few decades, superconducting qubits led the quantum computing race. However, they have not yet scaled to a sufficient number of qubits due to scaling bottlenecks. The connections between qubits and outside world were made to the edges of previous generation devices. This limit the number of qubits that can be used to create the current numbers.

QuantWare has patented a 3D technology that routes connections vertically. This makes it possible to scale superconducting qubit processors to thousands of qubits. QuantWare is now able to offer a ‘quantum advantage’, where quantum computers will surpass the most powerful classical computers. Tenor is a major breakthrough in commercial quantum computing. It’s the first commercially available device that uses this technology.

The quantum processor has 64 fully-controllable qubits. This is more qubits than any other quantum processor. These processors can be used to implement powerful error-correction schemes because they are fully controllable. This design is more complex than the fixed frequency qubits and requires more connections per qubit. It’s also impossible to connect 64 qubits using conventional planar devices. QuantWare brings these powerful devices to the quantum community at a 10x cheaper price than comparable solutions.

QuantWare’s goal is to be the “Intel of quantum computing” by offering affordable, powerful and easy-to-use quantum processors to organizations around the globe. QuantWare was chosen to supply quantum processing units last year for Israel’s first functional quantum computer.

QuantWare CEO Matthijs Rijlaarsdam stated that Tenor’s technology will dramatically increase the number of quantum market devices in the next few years. “There are many great quantum computing solutions, but the technology has not been available to scale them – up to now.”

“As fabless companies revolutionized the semicon industry by dramatically lowering the barrier to entry, so we will be able provide the design elements as well as fabrication to enable more quantum startups to scale up, innovate, and compete.”


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