NewsSTMicroelectronics reveals 100-Watt wireless power receiver for fastest Qi-compliant charging

STMicroelectronics reveals 100-Watt wireless power receiver for fastest Qi-compliant charging

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STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturer providing customers with a wide range of electronic devices is launching the first wireless power receiver, which has the highest available power rating of 100 watts. Offering one of the most rapid wireless charging speeds currently available the STWLC99 model will charge high-end smartphones with the highest battery capacity within less than 30 minutes.

“Today’s phones are vital to digital life in addition to being an essential tool for business for many. The significantly faster charging speed of our STWLC99 improves their availability and enhances the lives of users,” said Francesco Italia General Manager, Analog Custom Products Division, STMicroelectronics. “Its incredible power also alters the way equipment is used, that use batteries, such as industrial devices, medical monitors, medical pumps, mobile robots drones, which allow longer run times and faster processing times.” Additionally, in addition to increasing user comfort high-power wireless charging allows designers design industrial items that do not require cords and power sockets, that can provide a variety of advantages. By removing the charging socket, you can make space for more storage and also allow the protection against dust or water entry into difficult conditions. Problems caused by twisting or the tangle of the cord are averted. Mobile devices that are independent of each other like drones and robots can be recharged quickly without any mechanism or any human intervention to connect the cord.

The device is housed in the 4.859m in x 4.859mm wafer-level chip-scale device (WLCSP) The STWLC99 is currently in production and is priced at $2.50. Additional technical details: Featuring an energy-efficient design that includes a synchronous rectifier , with MOSFETs with very low RDS(on) and an extremely low-dropout regulator The STWLC99 redirects the energy received to the battery that is charged with low loss and low heat dissipation. It is compatible to Qi 1.2.4 as well as 1.3 It supports it with the Qi Extended Power Profile (EPP) and utilizes ST’s designed STSuperCharge (STSC) technology to allow rapid charging. The battery’s charging power can reach up to 100W when paired with ST’s STWBC2-HP receiver solution. The STWLC99 has non-volatile memory to store settings parameters as well as an I2C interface to exchange the configuration information and controlling charging. A full set of safety features is included that include foreign object detection that is precise in current sensing, Q-factor detection when transmit mode is on as well as overcurrent, overvoltage, as well as thermal protection. STWLC99 can also be used for functioning in the capacity of a power transmitter that can output up to 25W to charge other devices.

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