NewsSTMicroelectronics releases next-generation Bluetooth® system-on-chip, enhanced with latest positioning capabilities

STMicroelectronics releases next-generation Bluetooth® system-on-chip, enhanced with latest positioning capabilities

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STMicroelectronics has announced their third-generation Bluetooth(r) System-on-Chip (SoC) that is enhanced by Bluetooth technology for direction finding to aid in applications that track location and real-time position.

In being able to determine the direction of the direction of a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) signals This Bluetooth 5.3 Certified BlueNRG-LPS SoC can precisely determine movements and locations with centimetre precision. It utilizes Bluetooth-specific technology, which includes angles of arrival (AoA) as well as angle of departure (AoD) calculated from the signals recorded from an array of antennas. This capability means that the SoC allows for a broad range kinds of apps that need indoor navigation, geofencing and asset tracking in addition to real-time tracking of locations for assets, tools, and products. With its simplified architecture and I/O peripherals, as well as program and data memory (192KB SRAM and eFlash with 24KB and 24KB SRAM, respectively) designed for light-weight high-end products, BlueNRG is ideal for high-end as well as high volume applications. It includes wireless sensors for general use medical devices, keyless entry systems, remote controls and smart remote meters. Additionally, the SoC incorporates a high-efficiency step down switch and protection circuitry The SoC also simplifies and decreases the bills-of-material (BOM) and permits an extremely low-cost dual-layer PCB.

The Bluetooth LE architecture is compatible with the most current Bluetooth LE Power Control specification that permits fine-tuning the power output of RF by increments of 1dBm as well as up to +8dBm to allow for longer battery life. Additionally, Bluetooth Path-Loss Monitoring enhances the quality of radio-links and reduces interference, providing reliable connections that allow for better interaction between devices even in areas with a lot of traffic and quicker speed of response. It supports Bluetooth 5.3 long distance, high-speed data at 2Mbps rate, periodic advertisements as well as simultaneous connections and multi-role standards also provide enhanced user experience with devices operated by BlueNRG’s LPS. There are also hardware-specific functions as well as cryptographic IPs to provide increased security. The STEVAL IDB012V1 tool is in use to aid in development and evaluation of the BlueNRG-LPS. The BlueNRG-LPS SoC is available currently and is available in the 5mm x 5mm 32-pin QFN32 packaging, starting at $1.60 for 1000 units.

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