NewsSTMicroelectronics boosts EV performance and driving range with new silicon-carbide power modules

STMicroelectronics boosts EV performance and driving range with new silicon-carbide power modules

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STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) is a world-class semiconductor company providing customers with a wide range of electronic applications and products, has announced high-power electronic vehicles which improve performance and range. ST’s latest silicon-carbide (SiC) power modules are selected for Hyundai’s EGMP electric-vehicle platform that is that is shared by KIA the EV6 as well as a variety of models.

Five new SiC-MOSFET-based power modules are flexible for car makers, offering the range of power ratings as well as support for operating voltages typically used within electric vehicle (EV) applications of traction. They are housed in ST’s ACEPACK DRIVE package that is optimized for applications in traction, these power modules are reliable due to sintering technology and are durable and easy for OEMs to incorporate into EV drives. Internally, the most powerful power semiconductors ST’s Third-Generation (Gen3) STPOWER MOSFETs. They feature an industry-leading figure of excellence (RDS(ON) the area of the die) with extremely low switching energy as well as a superior performance in synchronous rectifying. “ST silicon carbide solutions are enabling major automotive OEMs to set the pace of electrification when developing future generations of EVs,” stated Marco Monti, President, Automotive and Discrete Group, STMicroelectronics. “Our third-generation SiC technology ensures the greatest power density and energy efficiency, resulting in superior vehicle performance, range, and charge time.” As a leading player in the market for automotive electric vehicles, Hyundai Motor Company has selected ST’s ACEPACK DRIVE SIC-MOSFET Gen3 power modules to power the current generation of its EV platform known as E-GMP. Particularly, the modules will be used to power Kia EV6. Kia EV6.

“ST’s SiC-MOSFET module power is the ideal option for our traction-inverters which allow for a greater distance. The collaboration between our two companies has resulted in significant progress toward more environmentally eco-friendly electric vehicles, taking advantage of ST’s constant investment in technology to be the top semiconductor player of the electric revolution” stated Mr. Sang-Cheol, a member of the Inverter Engineering Design Team at Hyundai Motor Group. As a leading innovator in this technology, ST has already supplied STPOWER SiC devices to over three million vehicles manufactured in mass production around the world. In comparison to traditional silicon power semiconductors, the smaller SiC devices are able to handle higher operating voltages, which allows speedier charging and improved vehicle performance. The efficiency of energy is also enhanced and improves the driving range and also the durability is able to be increased. SiC is seeing widespread adoption across a variety of EV technologies, such as that of the DC DC converter traction inverter and OBCs (OBC) that operate bi-directionally capable of power transfer from grid to vehicle. ST’s SiC strategy being an integrated device maker (IDM) guarantees quality and reliability of supply in order to support carmakers with their strategies to electrify their vehicles.

With the announcement of a fully integrated SiC manufacturing facility for substrates located in Catania which is expected to begin manufacturing in 2023. ST has been quick to facilitate the rapid move toward electric mobility. NOTES to editors on technical aspects 1200V ST’s ADP280120W3, ADP360120W3, ADP480120W3(-L) are fully operational. The 750V ACEPACKDRIVE ADP46075W3 as well as ADP61075W3 will be fully in production by the end of March 2023. They offer a plug-and play solution for traction inverters, which is compatible using direct cooling and with pin-fin arrays to ensure effective heat loss. They are designed to be compatible with the junction’s maximum temperature of 175degC. They ensure long-lasting, secure press-fit connections as well as dice that are sintered to the substrate to guarantee a longer life when used in automobile applications.

ST will expand the range of products available to include diode-based IGBT as well as ACEPACK Drive versions. These modules are equipped with an active brazed (AMB) substrate technology, which is known for its superior mechanical and thermal efficiency and mounting a specific NTC on each substrate. They also come with the option of screw-fit or welded busbars that allow flexibility to accommodate various mounting needs. Long-busbar options further increase the options of flexibility, allowing for the option of an Hall sensor to track the current of the motor. ST’s newest generation ACEPACK Drive modules are currently in production. Contact the ST sales representative in your area. ST sales representative to inquire about price and sample requests.

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