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ROHM Industry’s Highest Rated Power Shunt Resistors in the 0508 Size: Contributes to Greater Miniaturization

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ROHM has recently introduced broad terminal shunt resistors LTR10L. They’re optimized for various applications in the industrial, automotive and consumer markets as well as enhancing its extensive lineup by introducing two new all-purpose MCR series of shunt resistors (MCR10L and MCR18L). Recent years have seen a rise in the need for high efficiency operation has become imperative in terms of energy conservation , not just for battery-driven devices like mobile phones and electric vehicles, but also in industrial and consumer devices and also powered with electrical outlet. To achieve high efficiency, it is essential to be able to detect the correct variables like voltage and current to run devices efficiently. This is why shunt resistors are required to provide high accuracy and high-quality current detection. Additionally the manufacturers of applications that utilize greater board density are looking for small shunt resistances. To meet this demand the brand new LTR10L series offers the industry’s most powerful rated power and top-of-the-line thermal coefficient of resistance (TCR) in a small size of 0508 (0.5inch and 0.8inch) 1220-size (1.25mm 2.0mm x 2.0mm) that provides the highest reliability as well as greater reduction in size. Enhancing the material used to make resistive elements and using the terminal temperature desating method enabled LTR10L’s to offer the industry’s highest 1W rating power for the 0508-size which is less than 88% of the previous products. Additionally the highest accuracy +-0.5 percent tolerance to resistance is now achievable, coupled with top-of-the-line TCR and anti-sulfuration features. These attributes make them ideal for applications that are exposed to extreme conditions, such as base stations for telecommunications that require high durability as well as automotive LED headlamps that require precise current sensing, as well as long-term reliability. However the MCR10L and MCR18L series, which are general purpose shunt resistors use enhanced element structures and materials to boost their rated power up from 0.5W and 0.75W and 0.75W respectively over their standard MCR series rating power (0.25W). The higher rated power allows for similar performance, but in a smaller package which contributes to the product’s miniaturization. Moving forward, ROHM will continue to increase its range of resistors (its first products) which will result in improved quality and efficiency while trying to ensure a an ongoing stable supply.

LTR10L Lineup and Features

LTR10L features LTR10L is an 0508-sized (0.5inch in size x 0.8inch) 1220-size (1.25mm 2.0mm x 2.0mm) model that has an industry-leading rating of 1W. The range includes high-accuracy (D class) products with resistance tolerance of 0.5 percent, and a an industry-leading TCR. This makes the perfect choice for headlamps for automotive LEDs as well as other applications that require high-quality current detection. In addition high sulfuration resistance permits the use of base stations for telecommunications that require long-term reliability , even when working continuously in extreme conditions in the outdoors, and also for automotive powertrains in which sulfuration due to emissions to gases from exhaust is a problem.

MCR18L Lineup and Features

MCR10L and MCR18L features The MCR10L (0.5W rating power) and MCR18L (0.75W rating power) are low-resistance models of the all-purpose MCR series. The power rating has not only been significant improved, but the TCR is also improved when compared to the traditional 0.25W MCR10 and MCR18 models that are rated at 0.25W. Other improvements include a new element design and materials that enhance performance , and let us maintain a stable supply.

Application Examples

The new devices are suitable for a broad range of circuits that require current detection for batteries, motors and LCDs used in the industrial, automotive as well as consumer device industries. Prices: $0.6/unit (samples, excluding tax) The product is available now (in the mass manufacturing) Online Distributors include DigiKey, Mouser Farnell, Digi-Key and Mouser Farnell These three series are sold in the following resistance ranges. (All models are measured in millios) Other resistances are added as required.

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