NewsSTMicroelectronics Launches TouchGFX 4.22: Advanced Image Compression and Built-In Information Sharing

STMicroelectronics Launches TouchGFX 4.22: Advanced Image Compression and Built-In Information Sharing

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STMicroelectronics, a leading semiconductor manufacturer, recently unveiled the latest release of its TouchGFX user-interface software: TouchGFX 4.22. This update offers significant upgrades such as memory-saving image compression and built-in information sharing to improve overall user experience.


TouchGFX 4.22 stands out with its advanced memory-saving image compression capability. The software automatically selects an optimal compression technique for images and graphics to reduce system memory requirements effectively reducing system requirements without impacting performance or quality of user interfaces. This remarkable feat allows designers to achieve substantial memory savings without compromising user interface performance or visual appeal.

With algorithms like L4, RLE1, or LZW9 combined with TouchGFX’s efficient L8 format and STM32 Chrom-ART Accelerator(tm), developers can achieve compression ratios ranging from 20% to 99%. Furthermore, compression settings can easily be modified using TouchGFX Image Manager giving designers maximum control and flexibility; further enabling them to choose lower density flash ICs for user interface controller hardware thus decreasing bill of materials costs for applications.

Live Callouts, another notable improvement of TouchGFX 4.22, enable the TouchGFX team to provide real-time tips, tricks and information directly to users within the TouchGFX Designer environment. By providing direct guidance or calling attention to specific features or opportunities developers can improve their understanding and usage of software for more efficient user-interface designs.

TouchGFX is available as free software that integrates smoothly into the STM32 microcontroller development ecosystem. Noted for its ability to keep developers in control, TouchGFX is highly recommended for optimizing user interface performance on STM32 MCUs by taking advantage of their powerful hardware graphics features like Chrom-ART and NeoChrom GPU Accelerators – providing developers with visually stunning yet responsive user interfaces.

Developers and designers can now download TouchGFX 4.22 directly from STMicroelectronics’ official website ( This release marks a significant advancement of user-interface software with cutting-edge features and optimizations designed to increase performance and efficiency within embedded systems and applications.

What are advanced memory-saving image compression techniques?

Advanced memory-saving image compression refers to techniques or algorithms used to reduce the memory footprint of images while maintaining their visual quality, with particular relevance in environments with limited memory capacity such as embedded systems. This approach optimizes storage and processing requirements of software applications using this type of compression.

By applying sophisticated compression algorithms like L4, RLE1, or LZW9 to images in L8 format, image data sizes can be significantly decreased. This process also improves system memory utilization while enabling lower density flash ICs and ultimately decreasing bill of materials for user interface controller hardware.

Advanced memory-saving image compression enables developers to achieve significant memory savings without compromising user interface performance or visual quality. It enables more efficient storage and processing of graphical elements, leading to enhanced system responsiveness and overall system performance.

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