NewsDracula Technologies Unveils Next-Generation LAYER® OPV Modules with 25% Performance Boost

Dracula Technologies Unveils Next-Generation LAYER® OPV Modules with 25% Performance Boost

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Dracula Technologies, a leader in indoor light energy harvesting technology, recently introduced their latest LAYER(r) OPV modules which feature an impressive 25% improvement compared to their previous generation. This groundbreaking achievement empowers customers designing ultra-low power indoor IoT devices, wearables and other components with increased power for less surface area by producing 25% more power within a similar footprint or by reaching similar power, voltage and current without increasing surface area usage by 25%. This advancement marks a series of advances geared toward using eco-friendly materials.


Customers can reduce costs associated with module size by decreasing its required surface area, further cutting costs associated with maintenance operations and providing discreet IoT designs requiring less upkeep costs and labor expenses – not only saving them money but also decreasing environmental footprints. This innovative innovation not only reduces labor costs but also decreases ecological footprints.

Sadok Ben Dkhil, CTO of Dracula Technologies, expressed his enthusiasm about their new generation of products by noting its 25% performance increase as an important milestone for Dracula Technologies and providing customers with clean power solutions that allow them to produce products with reduced environmental impacts. With its release, this module generation perfectly aligns with plans to scale production up and seamlessly incorporate them into our new industrial line scheduled to go online by September 2023.”

Dracula Technologies’ introduction of its LAYER(r) OPV modules comes at an ideal time, coinciding with European regulatory guidelines aiming to phase out non-rechargeable batteries from IoT devices. Customers can rest easy knowing they will receive support and financial assistance during this transitional phase and gain future performance enhancements from Dracula Technologies, their trusted and financially sound partner.

Dracula Technologies utilizes inkjet printing technology to tailor its LAYER(r) modules to the specific customer requirements. By combining free shape design with reduced surface area, these revolutionary modules offer substantial economic advantages while giving more control over environmental impacts of final products.

LAYER(r)’s adaptability lies in its compatibility with multiple communications protocols, giving rise to various application possibilities ranging from Smart Buildings, Homes and Supermarkets through Industry 4.0 and Autonomous Vehicles. Developers and designers can acquire demokits for prototyping purposes or contact our LAYER(r) Solutions division for assistance designing autonomous apps and supporting them from design through implementation and delivery stages.

Dracula Technologies remains at the forefront of energy harvesting technology with their latest LAYER(r) OPV modules, providing customers with enhanced performance, reduced environmental impact and a brighter IoT future.

What Are Organic Photovoltaic Modules

Organic Photovoltaic modules, or OPV for short, are devices that use organic semiconductors to convert light energy into electrical energy. OPV technology offers flexible designs and potential low cost production costs which make OPV cells suitable for applications where rigid solar panels cannot such as curves surfaces wearable devices and integrated into various products.

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