NewsSTM32 wireless MCU drives LPWA modules

STM32 wireless MCU drives LPWA modules

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STMicroelectronics and SeongJi together announced their LSM collection of the low-power wide-area (LPWA) wireless communications modules. These devices run on ST’s STM32WL wireless microcontroller. The company claims is the initial Sigfox as well as LoRa system-on-chip.

SeongJi’s LSM100A, LSM110A, and LSM200A modules are small in dimensions and low power consumption and cost effectiveness to improve sub-GHz wireless connectivity for an array of consumer and industrial applications. All three modules are compatible with each of the Sigfox as well as LoRa low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN) technologies.

The LSM100A is compatible with RC1, RC3, R5, RC6, as well as the RC7 Sigfox frequency bands and the LSM110A can support both RC2 and the RC4 bands. The LSM200A has the Sigfox Monarch feature. The modules are also available in API-enabled models that allow the integration of customer’s firmware into the module. These pin-compatible LSM100A as well as the LSM110A module measure 14.0×15.0x2.8 millimeters with half-holes to allow easy soldering onto the board that the customer has purchased.

To support LoRa connectivity The LSM100A operates between 863 MHz up to 923 MHz and the LSM110A operates between 902 MHz to 928 MHz. The LSM200A is compatible with every frequency band from 863 MHz to 928MHz. The modules all can support both LoRaWAN and P2P communication and have been awarded Sigfox Verified and LoRaWAN certification in addition to CE as well as FCC approvals.

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