NewsSignify launches Philips Motion Sensing T-Bulb in India

Signify launches Philips Motion Sensing T-Bulb in India

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Signify (Euronext LIGHT) the world’s leading company in lighting, has unveiled it’s Philips Motion Sensing T-Bulb in India. With its high-quality inbuilt Motion Sensor, the lighting will turn on when it detects movement within a radius of 6 meters. To increase security, the light dims to Eco-mode following 2 minutes of inactivity , and then goes off completely after three minutes of no activity. With its auto-switch-on function this light provides a simple lighting solution for the less frequently accessed areas in a home, such as bathroom areas, balconies, staircases and parking spaces.

The unique T-shape gives more light distribution opposed to a standard round bulb. The unique swivel function also permits simple adjustment for better focus. It can fit in existing holders for bulbs and can help conserve energy since it shuts off automatically after five minutes of idleness.

Speaking about the launch the launch, the Mr. Sumit Joshi, CEO and Managing Director for the Signify’s South Asia operations, said, “We are delighted to unveil Signify’s Philips Motion Sensing T-Bulb for users in India. Its unique T-shape design and high-quality motion sensors, it’s an efficient automated lighting solution that can be used in less accessible areas of a home. In addition, to ensure the safety of our customers, we’ve created the lighting system to reduce its brightness after 2 minutes of no activity, and then completely turning off after three minutes.”

The Philips Motion Sensing T-Bulb is available in a 12 W 1100 Lumens packs available in India as well. It will also be sold at all medium and small formats of retail stores and online platforms with an MSRP of 1,399/-.

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