NewsROHM Introduces High-Efficiency Nch MOSFETs for Power-Hungry Applicatio

ROHM Introduces High-Efficiency Nch MOSFETs for Power-Hungry Applicatio

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ROHM, a leading semiconductor manufacturer, has unveiled its latest series of N-channel MOSFETs, the RS6xxxxBx / RH6xxxxBx series, offering exceptional performance and power efficiency. With a wide range of voltage options (40V/60V/80V/100V/150V) and 13 part numbers, these MOSFETs are specifically designed for applications operating on 24V/36V/48V power supplies, catering to diverse sectors such as base stations, servers, and industrial and consumer equipment.

In recent years, the surge in global power consumption has necessitated the development of more efficient industrial equipment, including servers, base stations, and motors. Manufacturers in these sectors have been demanding even lower power losses in their circuits, particularly for medium voltage MOSFETs. However, achieving lower power losses has been a challenge due to the two primary parameters influencing power losses: ON resistance (RDS(on)) and Gate-drain charge (Qgd). RDS(on) is inversely proportional to chip size, while Qgd increases with chip size, making it difficult to optimize both parameters simultaneously.

To address this challenge, ROHM has made significant advancements in MOSFET design by adopting copper clip connections and enhancing the gate structure. Gate-drain charge, or Qgd, plays a crucial role in determining the switching speed and efficiency of a MOSFET. It represents the electric charge required to switch the voltage across the gate and drain terminals, influencing the power losses during the switching process.

Traditionally, higher gate-drain charge values result in increased power losses and reduced efficiency, as more time and energy are required to switch the MOSFET on or off. ROHM’s new MOSFETs have successfully reduced the gate-drain charge (Qgd) by approximately 40% compared to conventional products, offering improved switching characteristics and overall efficiency.

The latest MOSFETs from ROHM boast an industry-leading RDS(on) value of 2.1mΩ, which is approximately 50% lower than conventional alternatives. This achievement is attributed to enhanced device performance and the utilization of the HSOP8/HSMT8 package, featuring low-resistance copper clip connections. Furthermore, the optimization of the element gate structure has significantly contributed to the reduction in Qgd while maintaining the desired RDS(on) values. This improvement has led to lower switching and conduction losses, ultimately enhancing application efficiency.

In practical scenarios, the efficiency of a power supply evaluation board for industrial equipment equipped with ROHM’s new MOSFETs reaches an industry-leading level of approximately 95% (peak) within the output current range during steady-state operation. This remarkable efficiency showcases the effectiveness of these MOSFETs in real-world applications.

Looking ahead, ROHM remains committed to advancing MOSFET technology and aims to develop devices with even lower RDS(on) values. By reducing power consumption across a wide range of applications, ROHM aims to contribute to solving pressing social issues, such as environmental protection through energy conservation.

In conclusion, ROHM’s new series of MOSFETs with reduced gate-drain charge and improved power efficiency serve as a significant advancement in semiconductor technology. With their exceptional performance, these MOSFETs offer enhanced power efficiency, lower power losses, and improved application performance, meeting the evolving demands of various industries and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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