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ROHM Unveils BM3G0xxMUV-LB Series: Powering Energy Efficiency with Integrated GaN HEMTs and Gate Drivers for Industrial and Consumer Applications

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ROHM has taken another innovative step toward improving power electronics with the launch of its groundbreaking BM3G0xxMUV-LB series of power stage ICs that integrate 650V GaN HEMTs and gate drivers – representing an immense boost in both efficiency and performance.

Ideal for primary power supplies in both industrial and consumer applications – like data servers and AC adapters – these cutting-edge devices meet the mounting need for greater energy savings in contemporary society. Consumer and industrial sectors have increasingly sought sustainable solutions over time, and BM3G0xxMUV-LB series devices serve this growing need.

GaN HEMTs hold great promise in terms of miniaturization and power conversion efficiency improvement; however, their complex gate handling requires dedicated gate drivers. ROHM has come up with the perfect solution – power stage ICs which cleverly combine GaN HEMTs and gate drivers into one package using core power technologies – simplifying mounting significantly.

ROHM’s BM3G0xxMUV-LB series stands out with its incorporation of additional functions and peripheral components that enhance GaN HEMT performance, specifically when used alongside their newer 650V GaN HEMTs – an evolutionary step in power device evolution. Furthermore, these enhancements ensure compatibility with various controller ICs in primary power supplies for seamless replacement of silicon MOSFETs with GaN MOSFETs.

The implications of this innovation are profound. By integrating GaN HEMTs and gate drivers, not only does the BM3G0xxMUV-LB series pave the way for more efficient energy usage but it may also reduce component volume by approximately 98% while simultaneously decreasing power loss by 55% – making a leap forward possible in power electronics technology.

ISAAC LIN, General Manager of Power Semiconductor Applications Development Center at Delta Electronics Inc., celebrates the proliferation of GaN devices across industries, noting their contributions to equipment miniaturization and energy conservation. He praises ROHM’s original analog technology which underpins high speed gate drive products with safe high speed gate drive features; Lin predicts this pioneering effort by ROHM will propel GaN power devices even further forward.

ROHM’s BM3G0xxMUV-LB series represents an innovative breakthrough in energy efficient solutions, meeting industry demand while setting a new standard in power electronics efficiency and performance. Boasting integrated GaN HEMTs and gate drivers, its innovative energy efficient design not only meets modern industrial energy demands but also sets an industry benchmark in efficiency and performance.

What Are GaN HEMTs

“GaN HEMTs,” short for Gallium Nitride High-Electron Mobility Transistors, are advanced semiconductor devices which use Gallium Nitride as the material to construct high electron mobility transistors.

Electron Mobility refers to the speed at which electrons move through materials in response to an electric field, such as GaN having higher electron mobility compared to traditional materials like silicon. GaN is particularly suitable for creating high-performance transistors capable of operating at higher frequencies, voltages and temperatures than its traditional counterparts such as silicon.

GaN HEMTs are well-renowned for their efficient power handling capabilities, making them well suited to power electronics applications such as power supplies, telecom, data centers and automotive electronics. GaN HEMTs have also become increasingly used as they improve energy efficiency, reduce size and enhance overall system performance – applications in which these power transistors could help.

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