NewsQualcomm's Snapdragon Summit Showcases On-Device AI's Future

Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Summit Showcases On-Device AI’s Future

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During the highly-anticipated Snapdragon Summit, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. made a monumental announcement, propelling the evolution of on-device AI. The global tech giant unveiled its premium-grade platforms tailored for Windows 11 PCs and contemporary mobile devices. Both of these platforms are constructed with the revolutionary concept of on-device generative AI experiences.

CEO Cristiano Amon spotlighted the game-changing potential of AI, emphasizing its transformative impact on everyday device usage. With Snapdragon’s advanced tech, consumers will witness the wonders of on-device AI across a diverse spectrum of electronic gadgets.

Amon expressed, “As we step into this exciting AI era, the significance of on-device generative AI cannot be overstated. Snapdragon stands distinctively equipped to navigate and harness the vast potentials of on-device AI. Wherever Snapdragon makes its mark, generative AI follows.”

The annual Snapdragon Summit, held in the picturesque landscapes of Hawaii, is Qualcomm Technologies’ marquee event. It’s the platform where next-gen tech marvels are introduced, setting the tone for the forthcoming innovations in flagship PCs and mobile phones.

This edition of the summit was particularly noteworthy with the introduction of the Snapdragon X Elite. This PC platform challenges and outperforms its laptop CPU counterparts, raising the AI performance benchmark. Furthermore, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 mobile platform magnifies on-device AI capabilities. Both platforms excel in generative AI functionalities, like powering chat assistants on Windows 11 laptops at rapid speeds (30 tokens per second) or facilitating lightning-fast image creation on smartphones.

Diversifying its AI offerings, Qualcomm introduced the Snapdragon Sound, a tech marvel harnessing AI for unparalleled noise cancellation. Another highlight was the Snapdragon Seamless, designed to provide a fluid experience across diverse devices, irrespective of their manufacturer or operating system.

The summit also saw participation from numerous partner executives, who provided insights into the AI-driven consumer experiences anticipated in the coming year. Their presence solidified the significance of on-device AI in the technology landscape.

Highlighting Qualcomm’s unparalleled commitment to AI, Amon added, “Our vast experience in AI, combined with the unparalleled fusion of CPU, NPU, and GPU within devices, and support for all leading native models, empowers us to extend the marvels of generative AI globally and across varied device categories. The overwhelming partner presence at the Snapdragon Summit reaffirms our stature as the undisputed leaders in on-device AI.”

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