NewsOptical coupler by Wurth Elektronik with 5 kV insulation

Optical coupler by Wurth Elektronik with 5 kV insulation

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Wurth Elektronik presents for the first time optical couplers with a phototransistor result. The new WL-OCPT 816 series consists of coplanar couplers that include an IR LED input phase and also a phototransistor output phase. These systems are defined by an insulation voltage of 5 kV and a steady CTR coefficient in the entire operating temperature variety from -55 to +110 ° C. They are closed in 5 sorts of DIP-4 rooms with leads for THT and SMT setting up. The whole deal consists of 25 kinds of couplers with 5 various CTR coefficients ranging from 50% to 600%. They are suggested for applications in power supplies/ chargers, microprocessor systems, electrical energy meters as well as various other systems that need galvanic isolation. They run with a maximum collector-emitter voltage of 80 V as well as an optimal output current of 50 mA.

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